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Galaxie S3

Galaxie S3

Galaxie S3

Teile und Zubehör für Samsung Galaxy S3. Unabhängig davon, ob Sie ein Cover, eine Hülle oder eine Schutzfolie benötigen, bietet MacManiack zahlreiche Zubehörteile zum Schutz und zur individuellen Anpassung Ihres Galaxy S3. Wenn Sie das Glas...



  • Bildschirmen - Einzelteile
    Ein breiter Satz Einzelteile für die Reparatur Ihres Samsung Galaxy S3. Das Ihnen erlaubend wird alle mögliche Problem zu lösen und schliesslich alle Funktionalitäten Ihres Telefons wiederzubekommen!
  • Tools
    Screwdriver, suction vents, clamps, but also gloves and toolkits... You will find among these numerous accessories everything you will need for the assembly and disassembly of a Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Cases and covers
    To protect your Samsung Galaxy S3 or simply get a makeover! You are the happy owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3 ? Macmaniack has selected for you a large choice of cases, from leather cover cases to stylish bumpers, to satisfy everyone, even the most demanding.
  • Screen protections
    Concerned about the protection of your Samsung Galaxy S3, you want to prevent the little scratches that can appear on the screen after impacts? Macmaniack has many screen protectors to sugest, therefore making sure that even as far as protection films go, you can choose.
  • Chargers and external battery
    With MacManiack, your Samsung Galaxy S3 is charged anywhere, anytime! Whether it is a car charger or an external battery to bring your Galaxy S3 along everywhere, we have what you need. And, because you can never be safe from something unexpected, why not a spare mains supply charger for the office?
  • Accessories - Various
    Various and original accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3 such as tripods to take pictures, necklaces, telescope, and so much more, to make sure you enjoy all the possibilities offered by your Samsung Galaxy S3 to their fullest.