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Indestructible Black Case for iPad Mini 4

Artikel-Nr.: COQPM-089

Indestructible Black Case for iPad Mini 4

This durable case adapts to the most extreme situations: falls, sand, rain, and even if you use your iPad Mini 4 as a projectile!

Comes without packaging.

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Indestructible Black Case for iPad Mini 4

Protect your iPad Mini 4 with this indestructible case from extreme situations.

Ultra-resistant: The adventurers among us will be delighted by this case resisting the most extreme conditions. Rain, sand, heat, falls: no more worrying about your iPad, from now on you will be able to use it to its fullest under any circumstances!

Grip: For those who are constantly in a hurry, for the clumsy ones, or simply for those who have had a bad experience with their iPad falling on the ground, we highly recommend an anti-slip rubber case that will not slip from your hands!

Shock Absorption: This case is made of silicone, a very supple plastic famous for decreasing the effects of shocks. This material stops effectively the shock waves resulting from falls and collisions, allowing those who tend to drop their iPad a well-needed rest.

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