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Welcome to the MacManiack website. Created in 2012, this store gathers all iPhone and other smartphones accessories, iPad, iMac, Apple Watch and other technological gadgets. Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, the demand for parts and accessories has continued to grow. It is this phenomenon that has led to the creation of MacManiack and that drives us to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices. Having an old iPhone is not a problem because we have iPhone parts and accessories of all generations, from the iPhone 3G to the latest model, the iPhone 12. In addition to iPhone parts and accessories and for Apple brand products in general, we also offer parts and accessories for Samsung, Huawei and many others.

In view of the increasing prices of smartphones, it is essential to choose the right accessories for iPhone and other brands. It is for this purpose that we wanted to offer you a very wide choice of products. Thus, you will find enough to adapt your mobile phone to your lifestyle and your desires. We have a wide range of iPhone shells and other cases for Samsung, Huawei, etc... Light or more protective, discreet or colored smartphone cases, etc... Something to satisfy all tastes, sportsmen and nomads alike. We also have covers for MacBook so that you can take your work tool everywhere with you in complete safety. Among our range of iPhone accessories, smartphones, tablets and computers, you will also find enough to recharge your devices at home, in the office or on the road.

In short, a wide range of iPhone and other accessories to make the most of the capabilities of your electronic devices. Products selected for their quality and durability while offering you unbeatable prices.

But in addition to our choice of smartphone, tablet and Mac accessories, we have also selected all the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, etc. spare parts you might need during the life of your device. Despite a shell, a screen can still break after a bad fall... The same goes for a battery that wears out over time. Whether it is related to an accident or programmed obsolescence, MacManaick will accompany you during your smartphone repair. Our experience allows us to offer you thousands of iPhone or other spare parts of premium or even original quality at competitive prices. We offer iPhone parts for all generations, as well as for the Samsung Galaxy and Huawei.

Thanks to MacManiack, you will have the opportunity to undertake your smartphone repair in good conditions thanks to very high quality iPhone, Samsung and Huawei parts. Whether it is to replace a screen, a battery, a camera or a speaker, you will find all the necessary smartphone spare parts.

In addition, our entire technical team will take care of your smartphone repair if you need assistance. You can count on our assistance to direct you to the right smartphone spare parts or even help you to diagnose the failure encountered by your device. We are committed to providing the best service, both in terms of the quality of our smartphone parts and our expertise. Our goal is to make smartphone repair accessible to all. You will have the opportunity to spend your money on other utilities instead of a new phone or the exorbitant price of a professional smartphone repairer.

Our range of iPhone accessories and spare parts covers a wide demand. Our top quality products will satisfy customers who want to either get a new shell or give a new lease of life to their iPhone by replacing the battery.


MacManiack is designed to allow you to easily repair your Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other brands devices. Our will is to answer all budgets, all tastes and preferences so that everyone can find his happiness. We believe that it is useless to change your phone at the slightest breakdown! Contrary to what you may think, repairing your iPhone, smartphone, tablet or Mac is feasible. We also offer video tutorials to explain how to proceed.

In order to make iPhone repair accessible to the greatest number of people, we provide you with several ranges of iPhone screens for all generations. You have screens alone or assembled screens where the different elements are already installed for an even faster iPhone repair. We also offer several qualities, from the original to a compatible quality. The operation is guaranteed on all our iPhones screens, only the veracity of the colors may vary depending on the quality chosen. This allows the tightest budgets to keep their mobile phone instead of buying one for a simple broken iPhone screen.

But we go further than just repairing the iPhone. We have a wide range of iPad and Mac parts but also on other brands such as Samsung and Huawei for example. We try to answer all your requests so that repairing your Mac, iPad, Apple Watch or other is always accessible. Concerning our Mac spare parts, we have a wide variety of screen, hard drive, battery or even keyboard for example! Similarly to repair your Apple Watch, we provide screens, batteries or even many bracelets of all types.

We also have a wide range of iPhone batteries and batteries for any other device because it is the wear part par excellence. We have noticed that many users change their device for a simple tired battery! While the price difference between buying a new phone and a battery is really significant. We have therefore selected premium quality iPhone batteries, as for all other models, in order to really extend the life of your electronic devices.


We make it a point of honor to offer you quality smartphones, tablets and Mac spare parts at the best prices. Our goal is to allow everyone to find the parts they need and to be able to repair their iPhone or other according to their budget. And to keep our high level of quality, our technicians in Europe do not hesitate to submit our products to tests in order. We can thus offer you iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and other spare parts that are perfectly functional and identical in quality to the original components.

You will have understood it, MacManiack is a complete solution for the daily use of your electronic devices. We provide you with a range of accessories for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and others always larger but we also make your life easier through quality spare parts for smartphones and tablets. Thus, you can protect and extend the life of your devices.

Our services are at your disposal every day to answer your questions about your iPhone and other repairs but also to advise you in the choice of parts or accessories for smartphones, tablets and Mac. Our logistics ensures that your orders are sent as quickly as possible with a guaranteed same-day shipment before 3pm. A quality service to accompany you throughout your smartphone repair and a team of technicians at your disposal to support you, that's also what MacManiack is all about. It is thanks to this that we have been able to gain your trust for so many years now.


You want to stay informed of the latest news about MacManiack? Follow us through our Facebook page, our Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as on our Youtube channel. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter, which will allow you to receive special offers on our iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, iPad parts and accessories. Do not hesitate to share your feedback, whether it is for a smartphone repair, the purchase of an accessory that you liked or to give us news from time to time :)

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