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  • iPhone

    Parts and accessories for iPhone. Whether you are looking for a case, a cover, a screen protector or spare parts, MacManiack has tons of accessories to protect, repair and customize your iPhone, to make sure everyone will find their heart's desire!

  • iPad

    iPad: Parts and accessories for all models. Below you will find a wide selection of accessories for iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, iPad Mini and iPad Air. Among the accessories offered by MacManiack, note LDC screens, various tools, protective films, chargers and cables, car accessories or speakers.

  • iPod

    Parts and accessories for all iPod models. From iPod Shuffle to iPod Classic to iPod Touch and iPod Nano, discover all the essential iPod accessories on MacManiack.

  • Apple Watch

    Parts and accessories for all models of Apple Watch. You want to change a bracelet, a protective film, a charger or a spare part to repair your iWatch Sport, Classic, or edition.

  • Mac

    Mac: Parts and accessories for all Mac models, including MacBook, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iMac. Discover LCD screens, spare parts, chargers, batteries or cables and adapters for Mac.

  • Samsung

    Parts and accessories for all Samsung models.

  • Nokia

    Parts and accessories for all Nokia models. Whether you need a screen, a shell, a screen protector or a spare part for a Nokia, MacManiack has a choice of products to protect, customize or repair your smartphone.

  • Huawei

    Parts and accessories for all models of Huawei. You need a cover, a case, a protective film, an LCD screen, a charger or a spare part for a Huawei? Discover all our accessories below!

  • Tools

    Tools for all iPhone reparations even as iPad, iPod and Mac.

  • Spare parts

    A wide range of spare parts for the repair of your devices.

  • LCD - Screens

    Broken or cracked screens? Here you will find all the parts for repair your devices. 

  • Accessories

    Here we offer original and practical accessories to personalize your devices.

  • Sale
  • Refurbished devices

    You want to buy an iPhone, iPad or Mac but without spending too much money? Here you will find selected quality devices, rigorously reconditioned and tested to meet your needs. 

  • External batteries

    Tired of reloading your phone? Find here our backup batteries that will keep you connected whatever happens. The power bank presented on our site can be used with the iPhone but also with other smartphones such as Samsung, Huawey, Sony, LG, ...

    Want to be able to charge your iPhone multiple times with the battery backup? Choose a high capacity battery.

    Whether traveling, at a festival, ... the battery backup or powerbank is the ideal solution for those who use their smartphone intensively.

  • Luxury

    Luxury: Find here our luxurious cases and covers for iPhone and iPad, as well as the high-end bracelets for Apple Watch

  • Marc Marquez

    As an official partner of Alex and Marc MARQUEZ, MacManiack offers a wide range of iPhone cases in the colors of the Marquez brothers!

    Lover of both wheels? Do not wait any longer and display the colors of your favorite driver!

  • Tempered glass

    Parts and accessories for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Whether you want a cover, a case or a protective film, MacManiack offers you many accessories to protect and personalize your Galaxy S9 Plus. If you have broken the window of your Galaxy S9 Plus, MacManiack offers you a touch screen, a complete window with LCD or a window on chassis to repair your screen, as well as all the spare parts to be sure to answer your questions. needs.

  • Powerbank - External batteries

    Always afraid to run out of battery before the end of the day? Do you often go for a walk away from home using your smartphone all along your journey, consuming a lot of energy? To never be taken aback, MacManiack offers a selection of external batteries that will save you a lot of trouble! You will necessarily find a powerbank adapted to your needs. Our external batteries allow all nomads to go on an adventure with peace of mind.

    Adopting a powerbank is the solution to all your charging worries! Even if your smartphone battery holds the red, the autonomy of our devices is limited, especially if you use your phone or tablet regularly in the day to take pictures, use it as a GPS vacation or to stay connected on the networks social. Thanks to our powerbank panel, you will not have to look with anxiety at the load percentages that fly away throughout the day! Having a backup battery on hand can help you!

    At MacManiack, we offer several types of external batteries to meet your expectations. You will find very compact models to fit easily in your pocket or in a small bag so as not to be embarrassed during your expeditions. But you also have the option to choose external batteries of larger capacities, going to more than 10 000mAh in order to recharge several devices at the same time. Convenient if you have a smartphone and tablet or if you have a family of geeks who can not live without being connected! Ideal also for long trips by car to occupy the children!

    We have also unearthed external batteries with an original look to accompany you wherever you go with style. Convenient if you do not have a power outlet or computer on hand to charge your smartphone or tablet. Different colors, different shapes, our external batteries adapt to your tastes and your style! In short, with our powerbank, also called external batteries, you with a pledge of tranquility everyday!

    Especially that all our external batteries are compatible with iOS and Android. Regardless of the connector on your device, you can charge your device. Simply connect your lightning or micro-USB cable or even USB-C to the USB port of your powerbank so you can enjoy its charging capability. Besides, our external batteries often have multiple USB ports to recharge two, three or more devices at a time. You can, for example, put an iPad and an Android smartphone to charge at the same time, without any problem! With our external batteries, the whole family and all your friends can recharge their device, both iPhone fans and Android enthusiasts.

    Do not wait any longer to adopt one of our power banks - external batteries to make your daily life easier and not have to calculate when you have to charge your device at home, at the office or elsewhere! So if you need a battery backup, check out this section to find your happiness!

  • AirPods - Galaxy Buds

    Fan hardcore music, you can not live in silence? Whether you want to take public transport, walk around town or play sports, you like to enjoy your playlists. Similarly when you watch videos on your smartphone or tablet without disturbing all your neighbors and fellow travelers? In short, you are connected and enjoy your AirPods or Earbuds so as not to be disturbed by the wire? Bluetooth is the future and you have understood it by adopting your wireless headphones. Moreover, you will find a selection of Bluetooth headphones at MacManiack to enter your world while remaining free.

    In this section, you will find AirPods accessories to recharge your Bluetooth headphones so you can start your workout as calmly as possible! With our charging stations, you can enjoy your Bluetooth headset at any time of the day. Practice never to be in silence when you want to motivate yourself or watch a video! MacManiack also offers Galaxy Buds chargers if you're a fan of Samsung. Aids that you adopted daily and you can not live without! And it is to stick to your habits that MacManiack offers this selection of quality AirPods accessories.

    In this section of AirPods and EarBuds accessories, you will also find something to protect your Bluetooth headphones! We offer AirPods cases and cases to protect your headphones when you're not using them. An essential protection not to damage your AirPods in your bag or your pocket. Cases perfectly adapted to the morphology of these Bluetooth earphones to keep them in place and transport them safely. You will find AirPods leather cases for a sober and classy look but also TPU cases for even more resistance to possible shocks and falls! In short, you have a wide choice of AirPods and EarBuds accessories in order to fully enjoy your Bluetooth headphones safely and also enjoy the freedom they offer to enjoy your music!

    At MacManiack, we are always looking for the most suitable products for your daily life with premium quality! We want you to enjoy all your devices with peace of mind, which is why we are expanding the family a little more each day with AirPods and Galaxy Buds accessories :)

  • Wireless charging

    To tangle the brushes with the wire of your iPhone charger when you can now choose the wireless charge! Ditto for your Samsung Galaxy, your Huawei and all your accessories, whatever the brand of your smartphone, tablet, headphones, etc. ! A revolution that is widely needed in 2019 and at MacManiack, we wanted to offer you the widest possible choice in wireless charging system. The advantage of wireless charging is that it is suitable for all compatible models, without distinction of brand!

    In this section, you will find all our wireless chargers to charge your devices without the hassle of a cable! A selection of chargers QI or also called induction chargers to allow you to recharge your batteries with ease. We offer models tailored to your style, both sober or more eccentric with a touch of modernity to incorporate the look of your home or office, according to. Convenient, the wireless charger can sit on your bedside table, in a corner of your living room or on your desk. You just have to put your smartphone on to benefit from the wireless charge.

    To work, simply connect your wireless charger to a power outlet or a computer via the USB cable and ... That's it! The advantage is that you can leave your QI charger plugged into the place of your choice to put your smartphone on when it needs recharging. But that's not all, MacManick has thought of everything! You will also find wireless chargers suitable for your Apple Watch or AirPods! We know that all your devices and accessories can now take advantage of wireless charging, which is why we have expanded our offer to best fit your needs.

    You have a wide choice of induction chargers suitable for all your devices connected to everyday life. We've found you the best wireless charging accessories to charge your smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth headset or connected watch. Whether as a conventional QI charger or wireless chargers as a support to hold your devices at the same time, there is something for everyone. We have even found chargers inductions that can charge multiple devices at once.

    And for smartphones too old to natively benefit from wireless charging, we also have the solution! Induction chargers to place on the back of your iPhone or your Android smartphone to easily charge your devices. Simply connect these chargers induction lightning port of your iPhone or the micro-USB port of your Android phone after stuck the sticker charger on the back of the smartphone. The link is then automatically with the battery of your mobile when you place it on a charger IQ.

    In short, we have a solution to everything so you can make the most of the wireless charge! To try is to adopt it! You will see the simplicity of getting rid of traditional charge cables :)

  • Car mounts

    Does your smartphone always follow you and you want to be able to use it safely wherever you are? That's why MacManiack has created this section of car media to offer car accessories tailored to your needs. Whether it is to be able to quietly recharge your mobile during your trip or to use your phone as GPS to guide you on your expeditions and not get lost.

    We offer car holders adapted to all smartphone models and especially to all sizes. Whether you have kept a small smartphone or have adopted a large-format smartphone, you will find the car mounts you need. In this selection of car mounts, you will have the choice of several fasteners. You will discover clamps that tighten around your mobile to wedge effectively and prevent him from slipping. This type of car holder allows you to adapt the battery gap to the size of your smartphone to maintain it properly. You can also opt for a magnetic car holder after adopting a suitable shell or glued to the back of your smartphone. Practice, you do not have to adjust the arms of the car holder since you only have to place your smartphone on the support so that it holds by magnetism. In fact, this type of car media is suitable for all sizes of smartphones since you are not limited by the size of the spacing as on a more traditional support.

    In this section of car mounts you will also have a choice depending on your vehicle. MacManiack wants you to find the right car holder for your vehicle! That's why we offer car racks that can attach to the ventilation grid of your car. You can then orient it so you can easily see the screen when you use it as a GPS. But for cars whose air grilles are not compatible with this type of accessory, we also have the solution! We have found magnetic car media to stick on the dashboard to have the screen of your smartphone in the corner of the eye when you use it as GPS. Or car media to insert in the CD player of your car radio. This does not prevent you from playing a CD in parallel, but you can clip the media into your CD player and adjust the rotation to keep your smartphone visible and close at hand.

    In short, we have a wide choice of car mounts to fit all vehicles and all smartphone models so you can stay connected while driving. Whether to pick up in Bluetooth mode, to easily charge your smartphone while driving and / or you use it as GPS when you go to appointments. But of course, MacManiack invites you not to use your smartphone while driving apart by following GPS directions or using voice commands. Be sure to stay focused on the road and let your smartphone charge quietly with the car holder you choose.