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Switch to the future with this connected switch! Both elegant in white, it works via WiFi to control the lighting at home from a distance :)

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Do you want a connected home? It is not really complicated! Easy to install, this double connected switch offers elegance and tactile or WiFi activation from your smartphone :)

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This connected switch will change your life! Black tactile switch to control the light remotely thanks to the WiFi of your smartphone, as if by magic :)

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Do you dream of having a connected home? Easy with MacManiack! Discover this double connected switch that works in WiFi from your smartphone! Its glass touch surface offers a plunge into the future for your interior decoration!

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Thanks to this connected socket, you can control absolutely EVERYTHING at home, in order to trigger your devices remotely: from your smartphone or by programming in advance!

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Control the lighting remotely via WiFi for your new connected home? This is the promise of this connected lamp socket which is compatible with all E27 bulbs!

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Offer a subdued or colorful atmosphere to your home with this connected RGB bulb controlled via WiFi from your smartphone to turn it on or change colors!

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Do you dream of controlling the brightness and atmosphere of the rooms in your home? You will love this E27 LED filament connected bulb that works via WiFi from your smartphone!

Prix €11.99

An LED strip connected by WiFi to stick wherever you want to decorate your home!

Choose the size of the LED strip: 2m or 5m.

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See what is happening at home live or delayed on your smartphone, thanks to this Full HD connected camera which has a motion and sound detector!

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Protect your home with this connected alarm pack including motion, door and infrared detectors, controllable remotely from your smartphone!

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Big house ? Many rooms to cover? You can add one (or more) motion detector to your connected alarm pack to maximize the security of your home.

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To cover all the entry points to your home, MacManiack offers you this additional connected door and window sensor! To be added to your connected alarm pack;)

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This connected remote control is essential to control your connected alarm system or your connected devices! And yes, with it, you can trigger your connector switches as well as your alarms. ESSENTIAL !

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ESSENTIAL to always know where your connected remote control is! This wall mount is stylish and easy to install. All you have to do is find the ideal place for it at home;)

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