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iPhone 5 (605 products)

MacManiack offers a wide range of accessories and tools for iPhone 5. With these, you can customize, protect or repair your iPhone in the best conditions and at the best prices!

Discover below all repair tools, protection kits...



  • Spare parts iPhone 5

    A wide range of spare parts for the repair of your iPhone 5, finally allowing you to fix the problem, whatever it is, that keeps you from being able to use your mobile to the maximum of its possibilities !

  • Screens - LCD iPhone 5

    Broken or cracked glass? You will find something here to repair your favorite iPhone. From simple glass touch screen to a complete frame with LCD, Macmaniack will provide you the solution to repair the damaged screen of your iPhone 5, to recover an iPhone as good as new.

  • Accessories iPhone 5

    With MacManiack, you'll find all the iPhone 5 accessories you need! With our expertise and experience, we have selected the best iPhone 5 accessories to help you make the most of your smartphone in all circumstances. Among all our iPhone 5 accessories, you will find a panel of iPhone chargers to not run out of energy at any time of the day! From simple lightning cable, to the power adapter via the cigarette lighter charger or the external battery, we made sure to select iPhone 5 accessories that fit everyone, nomadic, addicted to work or for travelers!

    And to preserve your phone for the longest time, you'll find plenty of iPhone cases and tempered bumpers and lenses from our wide range of iPhone 5 accessories. There's something for every style and every color. From sobriety to a more flashy side, from the discreet hull to the cover all encompassing to limit shocks, and even supports to accompany you during the sport, you will necessarily find your shoe!

    We strive to offer quality iPhone 5 accessories that will meet your tastes, your requirements and your lifestyle!

  • Tools iPhone 5

    Screwdriver, suction vents, clamps, but also gloves and toolkits... You will find among these numerous accessories everything you will need for the assembly and disassembly of an iPhone 5.

  • Bumpers iPhone 5

    To protect your iPhone or simply get a makeover! MacManiack has selected for you premium protections: stylish bumpers to protect your iPhone 5 and dress it the way you want.

  • Covers et Cases iPhone 5

    To protect your iPhone or simply get a makeover! You are the happy owner of an iPhone 5? Macmaniack has selected for you a large choice of cases, from leather cover cases to stylish bumpers, to satisfy everyone, even the most demanding.

  • Protective films iPhone 5

    Concerned about the protection of your iPhone 5, you want to prevent the little scratches that can appear on the screen after impacts? Macmaniack has many screen protectors to sugest, therefore making sure that even as far as protection films go, you can choose.

  • Supports and docks iPhone 5

    Every kind of dock station to charge your iPhone will be to be found here, as well as different supports, may it be to your windshield, the ventilation of your car, a handlebar... From now on, nothing can keep you from bringing your iPhone 5 along everywhere!

  • Chargers - Powerbanks - Cables iPhone 5

    With MacManiack, your iPhone is charged anywhere, anytime! Whether it is a car charger or an external battery to bring your iPhone along everywhere, we have what you need. And, because you can never be safe from something unexpected, why not a spare mains supply charger for the office?

  • iPhone 5 : Speakers and sound

    Whatever is your favourite way to listen to music, MacManiack has the solution for you. For those who would rather listen music in groups, we have selected speakers designed to receive the iPhone or iPod and diffuse a clear sound and of quality. Some of the speakers will also allow you to charge your iPhone. If you prefer enjoy music on your own, our wide choice of earphones should delight you!

  • Cars accessories iPhone 5

    Bluetooth kits, chargers, supports, but also original and practical accessories, you will find here everything you need to take the wheel with your iPhone in all comfort.

  • iPhone 5 : Packs

    Discover our accessory packs for iPhone! Be equipped for the road, with our iPhone car accessories pack, or explore the joys of photography with our photo pack. We also have kits to help you in the assembly, disassembly and repair of your iPhone.

  • iPhone 5 : Miscellaneous

    Various and original accessories for iPhone 5 such as tripods to take pictures, necklaces, telescope, and so much more, to make sure you enjoy all the possibilities offered by your iPhone to their fullest.

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