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LCD Screen for MacBook Air 11 "Model A1370 - A1465

LCD panel only - delivered without backlit sheet

Attention, the LCD screens for Macbook Air 11 "are thin and fragile, the change of this piece requires the intervention of a professional.

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Battery Macbook Air 11'' A1495

Replacement battery for MacBook Air 11''; Battery model A1495

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MacBook Air 11 "Azerty Keyboard A1465 A1370

Comes with backlight

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Sound does not come out of the MacBook Air 11 "A1370 / 1465 (2010-2015) speaker, so you can no longer listen to music or watch videos. The only thing you hear from MacBook Air 11" A1370 / 1465 (2010-2015) are incessant crackling. It is a refurbished speaker, with the best parts. You will no longer need to put on headphones, the MacBook Air 11 "A1370 / 1465 (2010-2015) speakers will work again!

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When you replace a MacBook Air 11 "component, you will need a complete hardware kit, because otherwise you may lose some screws during disassembly. It would be a shame, because to reassemble your computer, you will encounter enormous difficulties if you do not find not your screws! Then this complete MacBook Air 11 "screw kit at the end of 2010 until mid 2013 will do the trick.

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Replacement rubber feet for macbook pro

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Set of 10 screws for the bottom case of your MacBook Air 11 and 13"