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Battery Macbook Air 13'' - A1405

Replacement battery for MacBook Air 13'', battery model A1405.

The network is gone? The bluetooth does not connect to any other device? WiFi is over! If you keep a broken Airport WiFi and Bluetooth MacBook Air card (Late 2010 to Mid 2012) broken, this is not likely to return to normal. But MacManiack is here to restart the devices, and it is for this reason that we offer this Airport WiFi + Bluetooth MacBook Air Card (End of 2010 to Mid 2012)!

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Your MacBook Air 13 "lacks autonomy? MacManiack offers you a new MacBook Air 13" battery so that you can work freely.

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Replacement rubber feet for macbook pro

Dear customers, this product is available to order. Contact us for more details.

LCD display for MacBook Air 13 "model A1369 A1466

LCD panel only - delivered without backlit sheet

Attention, the LCD screens for Macbook Air 13 "are thin and fragile, the change of this piece requires the intervention of a professional.

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Set of 10 screws for the bottom case of your MacBook Air 11 and 13"

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13 '' MacBook Air LCD Screen Cable - A1369

Replace your faulty LCD screen

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MacBook Air 13 "Fan - A1466 A1369

Compatible with models:

  • A1369 (2010 and 2011)
  • A1466 (2012 and 2013)

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13 "MacBook Air USB Audio Jack

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Ribbon connection between the Magsafe card and the 13-inch MacBook Air motherboard

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