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A full screen (LCD + glass) iMac 27 "A1419 (2012-2013), to replace the broken screen! After all, what is the use of having an iMac if the screen remains defective? You cannot do a lot if the screen stays black. And if on top of that, you have scratches on your iMac screen, no more time to lose! It's time to change this full screen (LCD + glass) iMac 27 "A1419 ( 2012-2013)!

WiFi network problem? Networks that no longer appear on your iMac ... In addition, bluetooth does not work very well, or not at all? Well it might be time to change this AirPort + Bluetooth iMac card in late 2012! At MacManiack we have just that for you! You will use your computer as it should.

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You hear the fan spinning, and the noise is unbearable! Especially since you feel like it doesn't change anything and your computer is overheating. By force it risks damaging your PC, so it is time to replace this 27 "iMac fan at the end of 2012! And that is exactly why we are here at MacManiack.

You want to film yourself, but it doesn't work with a broken camera! Sometimes you have to make video chats, but with a defective camera, this is not likely to happen. If you are tired of filming an all-black video, then change the iSight iMac camera at the end of 2012!

If your iMac's power supply is not working well, it is normal to replace it. Because you are never sure that your computer will turn on, you might as well change the power supply while your PC is still functional and is not completely damaged. With this new iMac 27 "A1419 (2012-2015) power supply, the current will be better transmitted to the computer.

Do you need to repair the iMac 27 "screen alone and are you looking for iMac 27" screen stickers? At MacManiack precisely we are contributing to the good repair of this 27 "iMac screen by offering you these famous stickers!

Your iMac 27 "power supply at the end of 2012 does not work very well, sometimes the computer does not turn on or a loud hum is heard! Because of this, you can no longer use your PC. So, you know what you have to do: change the 27 "iMac power supply at the end of 2012

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You have a problem with RAM memory, and this degrades the capacity of your Mac. With the Samsung RAM 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM PC3-10600S memory card for Mac, your computer will be faster. Whether for reload pages or software, you will see a difference!

Your computer is running far too slowly, the software no longer works very well ... With the SQP SoDimm 2 GB DDR3-1333 MHz PC3-10600 RAM memory module, at least you will be at ease. Everything will be smoother, and pages will load more easily. So you save what you have to do!

Want to increase the power of your Mac? Has the RAM been damaged? This RAM SQP SoDimm 4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz - PC3-12800 is perfect for solving all these concerns. You will find a functional Mac!

Are you afraid of losing your data by changing your hard drive? This USB 3.0 case for 2.5 "hard drive is ideal for transferring data between the two, or even for using it directly as an external hard drive!

It is important to regularly change the internal hard drive, this allows your computer to run faster, and also to secure your PC as much as possible. In addition, if you have more storage space, it would be quite annoying, at least with 2 TB you have room! This will also boost the performance of the iMac 27 "at the end of 2009. 

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Instead of a 3.5 "internal hard drive, you can install this 3.5" to 2.5 "SATA adapter to make your 27" iMac 27 "computer faster and more reliable! More ultra-long loading time for photos, videos or any other heavy file to view. This 3.5 "to 2.5" SATA adapter is easy to install. The adapter has a storage capacity of up to 1 TB, which leaves you plenty of space to store everything you want! Your iMac will no longer be slow, and there will no longer be a shortage of storage space. In addition, the performance of the iMac will be boosted!

An internal hard drive, this is useful for backing up your data! And also to boost the performance of your computer, you will not leave your data on your PC without storing it! In addition to putting them on a USB key, you must also be certain that the internal hard drive is working well and has the necessary space. We therefore recommend this internal 3.5 "Western Digital BLACK 2 TB hard drive!

The OWC Mercury Electra 250 GB 2.5 "SSD (OWCSSDEX6G250) for Mac will keep your computer in good condition! With its compact and slim size, this SSD adapts to all iMacs. Your iMac will not overheat, and no more noise will be heard! With the 250 GB you will have files to save!

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Do you have a computer that is a little too slow, or the memory module has failed? The Hynix 8 GB DDR3 RAM memory module will perfectly replace this problem! Your iMac 27 "at the end of 2012 will find the boost it needs.

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Your iMac is no longer working very well and is rowing a lot. You are tired of seeing the software spinning in the air indefinitely, you would like your computer to be more efficient! At least with the SK Hynix 4GB DDR3 SODIM RAM memory module for iMac 27 "At the end of 2012 EMC 2546 you will not encounter this type of problem, and your computer will be boosted again!

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A new 8GB RAM module for iMac is what your computer needs! After all, it has been way too slow for some time! At least, with this bar the computer will be fluid and the storage capacity higher!

Black Drive SATA 6 Gb / s 2.5 inch limited edition limited edition offering the best performance and longevity for each use ... from performance enthusiasts to production professionals. Mac and PC compatible

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