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If your iMac's power supply is not working well, it is normal to replace it. Because you are never sure that your computer will turn on, you might as well change the power supply while your PC is still functional and is not completely damaged. With this new iMac 27 "A1419 (2012-2015) power supply, the current will be better transmitted to the computer.

To give a new look to your iMac 27 "At the end of 2009, what could be better than a new SSD! This 2.5" Plextor M5Pro Xtreme 256 Go SSD + adapter is ideal. It will bring the boost that your device lacks, the ignition and the management of the software will be much faster. With TrueSpeed technology, you will back up your data as fast as light! Without forgetting the fact that it saves, but it encrypts the data at the same time.

It is dangerous for the conservation of your data to keep a failed hard drive, it is better to change it now. This 2.5 GB SSD Samsung Serie 850 Pro 256 GB is one of the high-end SSDs, with its compact size of 2.5 "and its thinness of 7mm, everything will easily adapt to your PC!

The OWC Mercury Electra 250 GB 2.5 "SSD (OWCSSDEX6G250) for Mac will keep your computer in good condition! With its compact and slim size, this SSD adapts to all iMacs. Your iMac will not overheat, and no more noise will be heard! With the 250 GB you will have files to save!

The 2.5 "Samsung SSD is perfect for your computer! Performance will be at the rendezvous and your software will not run in the wind. Your Mac has never been so boosted! As far as storage space is concerned , you will have up to 128 GB, which is not nothing.

Are you afraid of losing your data by changing your hard drive? This USB 3.0 case for 2.5 "hard drive is ideal for transferring data between the two, or even for using it directly as an external hard drive!