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A shock, a fall or a knock, there can be several reasons why the MacBook Pro 15 "LCD screen no longer works very well. The LCD screen is defective, and no more color fills your computer with joy! But thanks to MacManiack everything will be quickly settled, we offer this LCD screen Only for MacBook Pro 15 "Unibody (Refurbished)!

It happens that in the years that go by, the MacBook Pro 15 "battery at the end of 2008/2009 deteriorates. Which is normal after all, your PC will not remain indefinitely functional! Obsolescence means that at one point, you will have to change the battery. And that's when we recommend this MacBook Pro 15 "Battery Late 2008 / Early 2009!

This NuPower NewerTech MacBook Pro 15 "battery will do the trick! You are forced to take care of your computer every time you unplug it! At least with this new battery NuPower NewerTech MacBook Pro 15" 2008/9 , everything will work normally again.

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The CDs are no longer read by your MacBook Pro 15 "computer? You cannot burn them either? A tablecloth twists easily, then it is possible that the SATA SuperDrive (DVD Player) MacBook Pro 15" tablecloth Late 2008/09 is damaged. But don't worry, you can change the MacBook Pro 15 "MacBook Pro SATA SuperDrive (DVD Player) in late 2008/09!

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This new rear cover MacBook Pro 15 "End 2008/09 will replace the defective rear cover MacBook Pro. You will not keep a rear cover MacBook Pro 15" End 2008/09 broken anyway, especially since we offer a new one at MacManiack!

Charging the battery of the MacBook 15 "End of 2008/09 became impossible! The power supply of the computer does not work well, and the information does not go to the motherboard. At least, with this new card Power supply MagSafe MacBook 15 "End of 2008 / Beginning of 2009, you are quiet.

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The brightness of the MacBook Pro 15 "screen flickers? Sometimes the MacBook Pro 15" screen remains black or the brightness is not at maximum. Information from the screen to the motherboard is not flowing well, and this is why the brightness is flickering. We suggest you change the LVDS connection cable (LCD) for MacBook Pro 15 "!

No possibility of connecting to your home WiFi network? Is your computer often disconnected? And it even happens that you cannot connect your devices together because of a faulty bluetooth. Fortunately for you, at MacManiack we offer this AirPort Extreme card (WiFi and Bluetooth) MacBook Pro 15 "Late 2008 / Early 2009!

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You don't know how much your MacBook Pro 15 "is charged, since the battery level indicated on the computer no longer corresponds. Therefore, you cannot know when your PC runs out of battery. At least , with this MacBook Pro 15 "Battery Level Indicator Late 2008 / Early 2009, you will once again be able to see the battery percentages!

More WiFi, and yet it is not the fault of the AirPort card? This surely concerns the twisted Airport MacBook Pro 15 "antenna. We are offering a new AirPort / WiFi MacBook Pro 15" antenna in late 2008 / early 2009! You just have to trust us.

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Is the microphone not working well? You have to record vocals on your computer, and speak with those around you, but you can't because of the broken MacBook Pro 15 "microphone. With this new Internal Microphone for MacBook Pro 15", everything will be in order!

Too much overheating for a computer is not good! Sometimes your computer reboots for no reason, so the processor heatsink must be faulty. It is for this reason that we offer this MacBook Pro 15 "processor heatsink.

The MacBook Pro 15 "2008/09 right speaker is not working, and you no longer have any sound coming from your computer? Or at least on the right side of the PC! The MacBook right speaker is Pro 15 "2008/9 is simply broken. We have a new one for you at MacManiack! Whether it's for watching videos, or listening to music, you can rest easy.

The MacBook Pro 15 "2008/09 left speaker does not work well, and it bothers you when you listen to music or when you put a movie on your computer. At least at MacManiack we offer this left speaker MacBook Pro 15 "2008/09 functional!

The battery of your MacBook Pro 15 "at the end of 2008/09 no longer charges very well? But the problem does not come from the battery ... Then surely the MacBook Pro 15" battery connector at the end of 2008/09 is defective! To help you, we offer you another MacBook Pro 15 "battery connector (internal cable) at the end of 2008/9.

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An Express Card slot allows you to install several accessories on your computer such as USB hubs, a memory card adapter and others ... You will take advantage of all the capabilities of the 15 "MacBook Pro End 2008/09, and you will be able to easily connect it to motherboard thanks to the connection cable. Then, you just have to take this Express Card slot + connection cable MacBook Pro 15 "End of 2008/9!

The MacBook Pro 15 "touchpad will allow you to scroll and navigate on your computer quietly, without having to use a mouse. This is easier to handle, and less bulky! With the tablecloth it will be easier to connect to your PC MacBook Pro 15 ". For everything to work properly, simply change the Touchpad + MacBook Pro 15 "A1286 (2008) cable!

Your QWERTY MacBook Pro 15 "Unibody keyboard makes its own! Some keys do not work, or you press in a vacuum. You can no longer make correct sentences because of the broken QWERTY keyboard. We are offering a new QWERTY MacBook Pro 15 keyboard "Unibody!

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Replacement rubber feet for macbook pro

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The latest software takes too long to load, your computer does not turn on as quickly as before. You can increase the RAM memory with this SQP SoDimm 2GB DDR3-1066 MHz PC 8500 RAM module!

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Is your MacBook not as fast as it started? Do you feel that RAM is no longer working very well? This SQP SoDimm 4GB DDR3 1066 MHz PC 8500 RAM module will change your use, your MacBook will be boosted!

You need extra storage for your Mac! With this 2.5 "OWC 1TB SSD, you will have enough space to save your files! You will no longer have error messages every time you want to save something.

Do you want a dual MacBook / MacBook Pro hard drive to be sure you have enough storage space and improve your computer performance to the maximum? Then this kit is ideal with all the tools you need!

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Increase the speed of the Mac, overcome the problem of storage space ... This 2.5 "OWC 250 GB SSD will greatly improve the quality of the Mac you have!

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Black Drive SATA 6 Gb / s 2.5 inch limited edition limited edition offering the best performance and longevity for each use ... from performance enthusiasts to production professionals. Mac and PC compatible