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Battery A1494 for Macbook Pro Retina 15'' - Late 2013 A1398

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Replacement Fans MacBook Pro Retina 15'' - A1398

Compatible with models: A1398 

Pack of 2 fans: 1x left, 1x right 

If the MacBook Pro 13 "touchpad is broken, it does not necessarily come from this component there. But maybe from the MacBook Pro 13" cable! Because this is what allows to connect it to the motherboard. So you know what you have to do!

You press the keys on the keyboard, but on the screen nothing appears. In addition, the MacBook Pro 13 "Retina upper cover is completely damaged. We therefore offer you a new MacBook Pro 13" Retina upper cover and keyboard!

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Set of 10 screws for the bottom case of your MacBook Retina A1398

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Replacement rubber feet for macbook pro