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Powerbank - Powerbanks (27 products)

Always afraid to run out of battery before the end of the day? Do you often go for a walk away from home using your smartphone all along your journey, consuming a lot of energy? To never be taken aback, MacManiack offers a selecti...

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...on of external batteries that will save you a lot of trouble! You will necessarily find a powerbank adapted to your needs. Our external batteries allow all nomads to go on an adventure with peace of mind.

Adopting a powerbank is the solution to all your charging worries! Even if your smartphone battery holds the red, the autonomy of our devices is limited, especially if you use your phone or tablet regularly in the day to take pictures, use it as a GPS vacation or to stay connected on the networks social. Thanks to our powerbank panel, you will not have to look with anxiety at the load percentages that fly away throughout the day! Having a backup battery on hand can help you!

At MacManiack, we offer several types of external batteries to meet your expectations. You will find very compact models to fit easily in your pocket or in a small bag so as not to be embarrassed during your expeditions. But you also have the option to choose external batteries of larger capacities, going to more than 10 000mAh in order to recharge several devices at the same time. Convenient if you have a smartphone and tablet or if you have a family of geeks who can not live without being connected! Ideal also for long trips by car to occupy the children!

We have also unearthed external batteries with an original look to accompany you wherever you go with style. Convenient if you do not have a power outlet or computer on hand to charge your smartphone or tablet. Different colors, different shapes, our external batteries adapt to your tastes and your style! In short, with our powerbank, also called external batteries, you with a pledge of tranquility everyday!

Especially that all our external batteries are compatible with iOS and Android. Regardless of the connector on your device, you can charge your device. Simply connect your lightning or micro-USB cable or even USB-C to the USB port of your powerbank so you can enjoy its charging capability. Besides, our external batteries often have multiple USB ports to recharge two, three or more devices at a time. You can, for example, put an iPad and an Android smartphone to charge at the same time, without any problem! With our external batteries, the whole family and all your friends can recharge their device, both iPhone fans and Android enthusiasts.

Do not wait any longer to adopt one of our power banks - external batteries to make your daily life easier and not have to calculate when you have to charge your device at home, at the office or elsewhere! So if you need a battery backup, check out this section to find your happiness!