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Wireless charging (18 products)

To tangle the brushes with the wire of your iPhone charger when you can now choose the wireless charge! Ditto for your Samsung Galaxy, your Huawei and all your accessories, whatever the brand of your smartphone, tablet, headphones, etc. ! A revol...

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...ution that is widely needed in 2019 and at MacManiack, we wanted to offer you the widest possible choice in wireless charging system. The advantage of wireless charging is that it is suitable for all compatible models, without distinction of brand!

In this section, you will find all our wireless chargers to charge your devices without the hassle of a cable! A selection of chargers QI or also called induction chargers to allow you to recharge your batteries with ease. We offer models tailored to your style, both sober or more eccentric with a touch of modernity to incorporate the look of your home or office, according to. Convenient, the wireless charger can sit on your bedside table, in a corner of your living room or on your desk. You just have to put your smartphone on to benefit from the wireless charge.

To work, simply connect your wireless charger to a power outlet or a computer via the USB cable and ... That's it! The advantage is that you can leave your QI charger plugged into the place of your choice to put your smartphone on when it needs recharging. But that's not all, MacManick has thought of everything! You will also find wireless chargers suitable for your Apple Watch or AirPods! We know that all your devices and accessories can now take advantage of wireless charging, which is why we have expanded our offer to best fit your needs.

You have a wide choice of induction chargers suitable for all your devices connected to everyday life. We've found you the best wireless charging accessories to charge your smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth headset or connected watch. Whether as a conventional QI charger or wireless chargers as a support to hold your devices at the same time, there is something for everyone. We have even found chargers inductions that can charge multiple devices at once.

And for smartphones too old to natively benefit from wireless charging, we also have the solution! Induction chargers to place on the back of your iPhone or your Android smartphone to easily charge your devices. Simply connect these chargers induction lightning port of your iPhone or the micro-USB port of your Android phone after stuck the sticker charger on the back of the smartphone. The link is then automatically with the battery of your mobile when you place it on a charger IQ.

In short, we have a solution to everything so you can make the most of the wireless charge! To try is to adopt it! You will see the simplicity of getting rid of traditional charge cables :)