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Car mounts (19 products)

Does your smartphone always follow you and you want to be able to use it safely wherever you are? That's why MacManiack has created this section of car media to offer car accessories tailored to your needs. Whether it is to be able to quietly...

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... recharge your mobile during your trip or to use your phone as GPS to guide you on your expeditions and not get lost.

We offer car holders adapted to all smartphone models and especially to all sizes. Whether you have kept a small smartphone or have adopted a large-format smartphone, you will find the car mounts you need. In this selection of car mounts, you will have the choice of several fasteners. You will discover clamps that tighten around your mobile to wedge effectively and prevent him from slipping. This type of car holder allows you to adapt the battery gap to the size of your smartphone to maintain it properly. You can also opt for a magnetic car holder after adopting a suitable shell or glued to the back of your smartphone. Practice, you do not have to adjust the arms of the car holder since you only have to place your smartphone on the support so that it holds by magnetism. In fact, this type of car media is suitable for all sizes of smartphones since you are not limited by the size of the spacing as on a more traditional support.

In this section of car mounts you will also have a choice depending on your vehicle. MacManiack wants you to find the right car holder for your vehicle! That's why we offer car racks that can attach to the ventilation grid of your car. You can then orient it so you can easily see the screen when you use it as a GPS. But for cars whose air grilles are not compatible with this type of accessory, we also have the solution! We have found magnetic car media to stick on the dashboard to have the screen of your smartphone in the corner of the eye when you use it as GPS. Or car media to insert in the CD player of your car radio. This does not prevent you from playing a CD in parallel, but you can clip the media into your CD player and adjust the rotation to keep your smartphone visible and close at hand.

In short, we have a wide choice of car mounts to fit all vehicles and all smartphone models so you can stay connected while driving. Whether to pick up in Bluetooth mode, to easily charge your smartphone while driving and / or you use it as GPS when you go to appointments. But of course, MacManiack invites you not to use your smartphone while driving apart by following GPS directions or using voice commands. Be sure to stay focused on the road and let your smartphone charge quietly with the car holder you choose.