Black replacement screen for Huawei P20. This screen allows you to easily repair a P20 with a broken screen or no longer working.

This Black screen compatible with the Huawei P20 has characteristics strictly identical to the original screen mounted on your Huawei P20.

Interconnection cable for Huawei P20. This cable is used to interconnect multiple antennas in the Huawei P20.

Tablecloth handling power button, volume buttons and vibrate button for Huawei P20. This spare part is to change on your phone if one of these button no longer works: ignition, volume, vibrator.

Prix €17.90

External speaker replacement for Huawei P20. The external speaker is used when making calls in handsfree mode or when listening to music on your P20. If the speaker does not fit your Huawei P20, it's time to replace it with a spare part. Quality is strictly the same as the original part of your Huawei P20.

Prix €25.90

Replacement connector for Huawei P20. You can no longer recharge your P20 or it is no longer recognized by your computer when you connect it? The charging connector of your Huawei P20 is certainly to change. Thanks to this spare part 100% compatible with your P20, you will be able to repair it easily and quickly.

Prix €6.90

Front camera replacement for Huawei P20. You can not take a selfie with your P20? Your pictures taken with the front camera are always blurry? Replace the front camera with this replacement camera.

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