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Prix €2.99

Replacement vibrator for Huawei Honor 7C. Your Honor 7C no longer vibrates when receiving calls? It is very likely that the vibrator of your phone is no longer functional. With this spare part replace the vibrator of your Honor 7C quickly and easily. Vibrator with technical characteristics strictly identical to the original vibrator mounted on the Huawei Honor 7C.

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Tablecloth that controls the power button on your Huawei Honor 7C. This spare part is to change if you can not turn on or off your Honor 7C with the button.

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External speaker replacement for Huawei Honor 7C. The external speaker is used when making calls in hands-free mode or while listening to music on your Honor 7C. If the speakerphone does not work anymore, it's time to replace it with this spare part. Quality is strictly the same as the original part of your Huawei Honor 7C.

Prix €7.99

Rear camera replacement for Huawei Honor 7C. You can not take more photos with your Honor 7C? The aut-focus of the rear camera of your Honor 7C does not work anymore? Replace the camera with this replacement camera. This camera has features strictly identical to the original camera.

Prix €10.99

Battery for Huawei Honor 7C. The battery of your Honor 7C begins to show signs of weakness? Replace it quickly and easily with this replacement battery for Huawei Honor 7C.