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iPhone (2497 products)

Parts and accessories for iPhone. Whether you are looking for a case, a cover, a screen protector or spare parts, MacManiack has tons of accessories to protect, repair and customize your iPhone, to make sure everyone will find their heart's desire...



  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12/12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Mini
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPhone Pro Max
  • iPhone Pro
  • iPhone 11 (2019)
  • iPhone XS Max

    If you want to customize your iPhone to your image, you will find all the accessories iPhone XS Max that you need here. MacManiack, experts in accessories puts all its know-how at your service in this section. You will find a wide choice of covers and covers among all our iPhone XS Max accessories. Shells for all styles, from the thin and light shell to the more protective cover through the tempered glass that will avoid scratches on the screen. Ditto for colors with iPhone cases XS Max sober or more colorful according to your mood. In addition to the protective accessories, you will also find practical charging means: from the wireless charge to the car charger to the external battery for nomads or those who lose their lightning cable all the time. And in terms of sound, discover our audio accessories with Bluetooth headsets and connected speakers to share all your playlists or watch your videos in the best possible conditions.

    In short, a wide selection of accessories iPhone XS Max but not only! MacManiack accompanies you throughout the life of your smartphone. Including in the least nice moments as in case of breakage. Having a broken screen or a loose battery is hard to live with. But these are the two most common breakdowns. Do not panic because we offer quality iPhone XS Max spare parts to remedy all these small worries. You will find new screens, quality batteries but also smaller components like loudspeakers, cameras, tablecloths and sensors, etc. If you do not know which iPhone XS Max spare parts to choose, you can always turn to our technical team who will guide you and save you money.

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XR

    To save your smartphone from accidents, consider taking a look at this section of iPhone XR accessories that MacManiack has made especially for you. You'll find iPhone XR cases in TPU or thicker, colored or transparent to adapt your mobile to your lifestyle. IPhone XR accessories that allow you to customize your phone to your image and protect it during all events. You also have the option to choose a more resistant cover or a flap case for more practice. Among our iPhone XR accessories, you will also find tempered glasses to cover its front against scratches in particular! But that's not all because we offer wireless and fast charging solutions, more traditional iPhone chargers and even cigarette lighter chargers for your car trips. Audio accessories are also available to listen to your music with a Bluetooth headset or connected speakers. In short, a wide selection of iPhone XR accessories to make the most of your mobile capabilities.

    And in addition to offering iPhone XR accessories at the best prices, MacManiack helps you in case of iPhone repair. How? By using its expertise to offer you also quality iPhone XR parts. In general, the screen and the battery are the most common breakdowns on a smartphone. You will find suitable screens but also quality batteries to repair your mobile. Among our iPhone XR parts, you also have smaller components such as cameras, speakers, buttons or vibrator. With MacManiack, you have all the iPhone XR spare parts you need to refurbish and save money.

  • iPhone X

    Need iPhone X accessories? You could not have fallen better! MacManiack is the expert in the matter by offering the best accessories iPhone X at the best price. We offer iPhone X cases suitable for all styles: minimalist and discreet TPU shells, colored and / or reinforced shells, more elegant covers and even cases to slide his CB. But you can also opt for a tempered glass that will protect your screen from external aggression. And the charging accessories are not left out having the choice for wireless and fast chargers, more traditional lightning iPhone chargers or even docks as well as car chargers. Similarly to share your playlists on connected speakers or keep them to motivate you with Bluetooth headphones. In short, a wide choice of accessories iPhone X to customize your smartphone to your image and adapt to your lifestyle to keep as long as possible by your side.

    In addition to having a wide selection of iPhone X accessories, MacManiack also offers you an iPhone repair solution in case of glitch. If your smartphone has had a slight accident, you can fix it. The most common failures are the broken screen and the used battery. In case of broken screen, you will find our quality iPhone X screens to solve your display or touch problems, ditto for our quality iPhone X batteries. And for all other possible concerns, you also have spare parts iPhone X including for example cameras, speakers, tablecloths or vibrator, among others. And to help you in your iPhone X repair, you can count on our entire technical team to guide you to the right iPhone X parts and advance a first diagnosis when needed.

  • iPhone 8 Plus

    MacManiack is THE specialist for iPhone 8 Plus accessories and proves it here in this section. You will find quality iPhone 8 Plus accessories at the best prices to better protect your iPhone and offer the look you dreamed. A lightweight and efficient hull? An ultra protective cover? A colorful case? A protective film to spare the screen from scratches? Whatever protection you need for your sports, nomadic or simply everyday, you will find your happiness among these accessories iPhone 8 Plus. Not to mention the convenient iPhone chargers as well as audio and car accessories to enjoy all the features of your smartphone in all circumstances. In short, a selection of iPhone 8 Plus accessories for all styles and tastes at the best prices at MacManiack.

    In addition to offering a wide selection of iPhone 8 Plus accessories, we bring you a solution in case of iPhone repair. If you have broken your screen, if the battery has problems of autonomy or any other problem, we have selected a wide range of spare parts iPhone 8 Plus specifically for you. Discover our assembled or unassembled iPhone 8 Plus screens, white or black but also our quality batteries to solve the two most common failures encountered on smartphone. But we know that other problems can occur over time, so we also offer small iPhone 8 Plus parts such as cameras, buttons, speakers, tablecloths, etc. With all this, your iPhone repair will be affordable and economical. Moreover, our technical team remains at your disposal in case of questions or help in your choice of spare parts iPhone 8 Plus.

  • iPhone 8

    Want to customize your iPhone to your image? To make him adopt a look that looks like you and a protection adapted to your needs? That's what MacManiack offers you with this selection of accessories iPhone 8. Colorful shells or much more resistant, more sober and elegant covers, practical cases to slip his CB, protective films to avoid scratches on the screen. screen? Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in this section dedicated to iPhone 8 accessories. A wide panel to suit all tastes and lifestyles: nomadic, sporty, fighter, hardworking, homebody, etc. Through protections but also our iPhone 8 chargers, you will save your smartphone accidents and never run out of battery. Take a look at our car and audio accessories to let your mobile GPS guide you on trips and enjoy your playlists. Hundreds of iPhone 8 accessories reserved for you!

    But MacManiack offers much more than quality iPhone 8 accessories at low prices. We help you in case you need to start an iPhone repair. Our expertise in iPhone 8 spare parts will help you to overcome the problems of broken screen or used battery since these are the two most common breakdowns. We offer you iPhone 8 screens assembled or unassembled, white or black to find colors and solve these problems of display or touch. Similarly with our quality batteries. But we are not satisfied with that since you will also find a wide range of spare parts iPhone 8 from buttons, tablecloths, through the cameras or speakers. In short, everything to repair his iPhone 8 and save money.

    Count on our technical team to guide you to choose the right iPhone 8 spare parts depending on the problem.

  • iPhone 7 Plus

    For your iPhone 7 Plus, you want the best to keep it at your side for as long as possible? And well MacManiack has made speak its expertise to offer you the best accessories iPhone 7 Plus at the best price! You have a wide choice of discreet or totally shockproof cases, colorful or more sober covers, practical cases to slip in your credit card as well as many tempered glass to save the screen from scratches. Whether you are a fighter, a clumsy or rather careful, to each his protection adapted with a personalized look! Among all our accessories iPhone 7 Plus, you also have chargers of all kinds, for the car, for the office, home or traveling with powerbank! Same as the audio accessories to listen to your playlists wherever you go thanks to connected speakers or a Bluetooth headset. In short, MacManiack wanted to offer you the most comprehensive choice of accessories iPhone 7 Plus to best fit your lifestyle.

    MacManiack is the expert in iPhone 7 Plus accessories but we also accompany you during your iPhone repair if you need it! We offer you many iPhone 7 Plus spare parts to solve any problems encountered by your phone. The most common failures are the broken screen and the battery that no longer holds the charge. We put at your disposal screens iPhone 7 Plus and quality batteries to remedy. But there are also a lot of other iPhone 7 Plus parts to overcome the breakdowns of your mobile. You can also count on our technical team to help you in your iPhone repair by choosing the right iPhone 7 Plus spare parts depending on the problem you are facing.

  • iPhone 7

    Thanks to MacManiack, you will be able to offer the best of your smartphone through iPhone 7 accessories tailored to you! Whatever your style, you will find something to dress and protect your phone with all our iPhone 7 accessories. A colorful look or a more sober style, a waterproof iPhone 7 case or a cover that will absorb shock through tempered glass which will avoid scratches to invite you to the party, you have a wide choice of accessories iPhone 7 of all kinds. Do not forget our charging accessories to avoid running out of battery at the wrong time with our powerbanks or car chargers for example! And to liven up your evenings or get the most out of your favorite music, you can opt for connected speakers or Bluetooth headsets.

    But in addition to offering a wide range of accessories iPhone 7, MacManiack also accompanies those who need a hand ... In case of fall or shock, you will also find all the spare parts iPhone 7 that you need. A broken screen? It happens ! A battery that no longer holds the charge? It's "normal" after several years of use. Another concern? Even if you have a problem other than the battery or screen that are the most common breakdowns, you will have the solution at hand with this selection of iPhone 7 spare parts that MacManiack has done for you. You have all the keys in your possession to undertake your iPhone 7 repair and save money on the purchase of a new mobile. Do not hesitate to consult our technical team to help you choose the right iPhone 7 spare parts according to the failure encountered.

  • iPhone SE

    MacManiack allows you to extend the life of your smartphone with this selection of iPhone SE spare parts. It appears "normal" if your smartphone shows signs of fatigue after several years of use, but you can adjust this with our spare parts iPhone SE. This section includes everything that could interest you for your iPhone repair but also to take full advantage of all its features.

    We offer you all iPhone SE spare parts that you may need to solve small breakdowns and breakages of your mobile. You'll find the essentials as the smallest iPhone SE spare parts. The screen is the most breakable component and the battery is the ultimate wear part. In this section, we have selected iPhone SE screens and quality batteries to solve broken screen concerns or battery life. But you also have all the small iPhone SE spare parts present in your phone such as cameras, speakers, vibrator, buttons, etc. In short, all the assortment to carry out an iPhone repair as it should.

    Here you will also find all iPhone SE accessories to protect your smartphone from accidents. Enjoy our wide range of iPhone SE cases that will offer a unique look to your image while protecting it from shocks or falls. You will find covers and cases of all kinds and for all styles, including tempered glasses. But among all our iPhone SE accessories, you can discover all our iPhone chargers with lightning cables, car chargers and even audio accessories to enjoy your playlists. In short, we offer a wide selection of iPhone SE accessories to fit your needs.

    At MacManiack, we want to bring you a complete iPhone repair solution, but also for your daily use. Moreover, we remain at your disposal in case of question or doubt about your iPhone repair!

  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 6S

    Whether you are looking for a case, a cover, a screen protector, MacManiack has selected tons of accessories to protect and customize your iPhone 6S. If you have broken the screen of your iPhone 6S, MacManiack can suggest a touch screen, a complete screen with LCD, or a glass and frame to repair your screen, as well as all the spare parts so as to make sure to have exactly what you need.

  • iPhone 6 Plus

    With MacManiack, you can make the most of your smartphone. Through our range of accessories iPhone 6 Plus, you have enough to offer him adequate protection on a daily basis! Many cases, covers and other covers to avoid the damage caused by falls or shocks, but also tempered glasses and protective films to spare the screen from scratches. Choose from our audio accessories, our car chargers and supports to embark your iPhone during all your walks. In short, accessories iPhone 6 Plus quality at the best price with MacManiack.

    Also discover all our spare parts iPhone 6 Plus in case its screen broke or if the battery no longer holds the charge. Nobody is perfect and thanks to the expertise of MacManiack, you will be able to overcome all the problems. We offer quality iPhone 6 Plus parts and especially screens because it is the most common case. IPhone 6 Plus screens also batteries to find a good autonomy. Not to mention all the little spare parts iPhone 6 Plus that will help you solve most of the problems that can meet your smartphone. Our technical team remains at your disposal to help you in your iPhone 6 Plus repair if needed!

  • iPhone 6

    MacManiack has selected quality iPhone 6 accessories to help you make the most of your smartphone in all circumstances! You will find and iPhone 6 chargers to never run out of battery wherever you are! Among our iPhone chargers, you will have the choice between simple lightning cables, single sector adapters, car chargers or even charging docks, among others! But in our iPhone 6 accessories, you also have a wide range of hulls and covers to protect it from all possible accidents on a daily basis. The same with our protective films and tempered glass that protect the screen from scratches and small shocks. In short, whatever your style, you will find your happiness among all our iPhone 6 accessories presented here!

    But in this section you will also find iPhone 6 spare parts! If despite your shell, your iPhone 6 screen has cracked or you have not yet invested in effective protection, you must go through the iPhone 6 repair box ... MacManiack is here to help you. Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer you quality iPhone 6 spare parts to refurbish your smartphone at low prices! Whether you want to change your iPhone 6 screen, used battery or any other problem, you have all the useful iPhone 6 components in this section. Do not hesitate to ask our technical team for help in your iPhone 6 repair.

  • iPhone 5C

    iPhone 5C : Discover below all accessories and parts selected by MacManiack to allow you to use all the features of your smartphone.

    You want to repair the screen of your iPhone 5C? To protect him from claws and blows? Customize with an original cover or shell? Discover all the essential products for iPhone below!

  • iPhone 5S

    iPhone 5S: MacManiack offers a wide range of parts and accessories for iPhone 5S below.

    Among these items, you will discover including MacManiack reconditioned iPhone 5S with a 6 months warranty but also covers, shells, spare parts, LCD screens, car accessories or sound accessories.

  • iPhone 5

    MacManiack offers a wide range of accessories and tools for iPhone 5. With these, you can customize, protect or repair your iPhone in the best conditions and at the best prices!

    Discover below all repair tools, protection kits and miscellaneous accessories for iPhone 5

  • iPhone 4S

    Parts and Accessories for iPhone 4S: MacManiack has selected a series of accessories, parts and tools for iPhone 4S to meet the most demanding requirements of consumers.

    Feel free to browse the menu below to discover the accessories that will best use the performance of your iPhone 4S!

  • iPhone 4

    MacManiack offers a large number of accessories for iPhone 4. Discover a wide range of LCD screens and touch screens, accessories of all kinds, spare parts but also chargers, earphones, shells, covers , docks, etc .;

    Make the most of your iPhone 4 with MacManiack accessories!

  • iPhone 3GS

    iPhone 3GS: Discover all parts and accessories for iPhone 3GS. MacManiack offers a wide variety of accessories for iPhone 3GS including full screens and windows for iphone, spare parts, tools for mounting and dismounting, sound accessories or protective covers and shells.

    Discover the full range of accessories for iphone 3GS below!

  • iPhone 3G

    Various parts and accessories for iPhone 3G. Discover below the complete list of iPhone 3G accessories available from MacManiack. You will find accessories ranging from tempered glass protection film to the complete replacement screen through chargers and other external batteries.

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