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  • Spare parts iPhone XS

    After so much investment in your iPhone, you need to get the best iPhone XS spare parts on the market in case of a glitch. At MacManiack, we assure you the quality of our iPhone XS spare parts thanks to our long experience in the field. And not just on the components most prone to failure or breakage like the screen or the battery. But on all the iPhone XS spare parts you may need to perform your iPhone repair.

    If changing its iPhone XS screen is the most common iPhone repair, we do not neglect any details. Admittedly, the screen is the most exposed to the case because it covers the entire front and without it, impossible to use your iPhone. That's why we selected high quality iPhone XS screens. But you will also find iPhone XS batteries that will solve your problems of autonomy. Too many people are thinking of changing their smartphone to HS battery while MacManiack offers quality iPhone XS batteries.

    In addition, we also provide you with all the small iPhone XS parts that make up your smartphone and are likely to fail. From the speaker through the camera or the vibrator and even the different sensors, you will find all the spare parts iPhone XS that will allow you to perform your iPhone repair in good conditions and thus save money.

    If in doubt about the diagnosis of the breakdown experienced by your phone or if you do not know exactly what iPhone XS parts you need, do not hesitate to contact our MacManiack technical team to help you find the right one. your iPhone repair.

  • Accessories iPhone XS

    Are you looking for iPhone XS accessories that can protect and dress your image? MacManiack has made a selection of accessories iPhone XS with its experience to meet all your expectations. We want to meet all your needs and allow you to use your smartphone in all circumstances.

    To get started, you will find all the indispensable iPhone chargers. Among all our iPhone XS accessories, you have a wide range of lightning chargers with cigarette lighter adapters for your trips in the car or wireless chargers to get full foot in the modern and freedom of charge! We also thought of globe-trotters with our powerbanks that can restore energy to your iPhone wherever you are.

    A real topic of accessories iPhone XS can not do without iPhone cases! Protection elements that you must choose for, aesthetic reasons of course, but also for your hull to be well adapted to your lifestyle. If you are ultra careful and you like the discretion, you can opt for a transparent TPU shell associated with a tempered glass. On the other hand, if you have an awkwardness or are often clumsy, we recommend a more covering cover to better absorb shocks and falls. Between ultra-resistant cases and practical cases, you also have the choice of colors to adapt to your mood and according to the season.

    In all our iPhone XS accessories, you will also have the opportunity to discover Bluetooth headsets and speakers to share your music. But also accessories to train you and motivate you to play sports through waterproof armbands or bike racks. And for car trips requiring GPS, we also offer car racks that can fit all vehicles.

    In short, the best iPhone XS accessories at the best prices, it's only at MacManiack!

  • Covers et Cases iPhone XS
  • Chargers - Powerbanks - Cables iPhone XS
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