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iPhone XR (42 products)

To save your smartphone from accidents, consider taking a look at this section of iPhone XR accessories that MacManiack has made especially for you. You'll find iPhone XR cases in TPU or thicker, colored or transparent to adapt your mobile to your...



  • Spare parts iPhone XR

    You need iPhone XR spare parts? An accident happened to your precious? MacManiack is here to help you find a solution. We specialize in iPhone XR parts and we put all our expertise in iPhone repair at your service here. Having a broken screen is not an end in itself and you have the opportunity to fix the problem at a lower cost thanks to MacManiack. Among all our iPhone XR parts, you will find the main components that generate the most common breakdowns. We have selected quality iPhone XR screens but also iPhone XR batteries. These two elements are the number one factors of breakdowns and breaks on the iPhone, any generation combined elsewhere. That's why we make a point of honor to offer you iPhone XR spare parts of quality in order to be able to solve this kind of small worries.

    In addition, you also have all the small iPhone XR parts that are located in your phone. You may not know it, but there are many things that can break down and that can also be replaced. The iPhone repair remains, to date, one of the simplest to achieve among all smartphone repairs on the market. Do not deprive yourself! Among our spare parts iPhone XR, you will find cameras, speakers, vibrators, buttons and tablecloths, sensors, chassis, etc. In short, all iPhone XR parts that you may need during your iPhone repair are here.

    And if you need help diagnosing the failure of your iPhone or if you do not know which iPhone XR parts to choose, you can count on all the MacManiack team that is there to accompany you.

  • Accessories iPhone XR

    With MacManiack, you can adopt iPhone XR accessories that will enhance your smartphone and protect small clumsiness. Do not neglect this essential step now that you have acquired a smartphone that you like! We try to offer you the widest range of accessories iPhone XR to meet all your expectations, whatever your lifestyle.

    Among all our accessories iPhone XR, you will find something to protect it from shocks and falls through a wide selection of shells and covers. Simple and effective iPhone cases but also ultra-resistant covers if you think you need it! And you will also find a style adapted to your desires with sober or more flashy colors to have an iPhone that fits perfectly to your image. Not to mention the toughened lenses that cover the entire front of your iPhone to absorb scratches and small shocks.

    But an iPhone XR accessories section would be incomplete without iPhone chargers! All must have are grouped here. So you have the option to opt for the eternal lightning cable that has been proven for years now and pair it with a power adapter or car charger for nomads. Remember to choose your charger induction to enjoy a wireless charge freely and even to adopt a powerbank to recharge your iPhone even on the go.

    In our selection of accessories iPhone XR, there is also something to stream your music on Bluetooth headphones or speakers connected. Ideal to motivate you during your sports sessions coached by your iPhone well sheltered in one of our waterproof armbands. And think of opting for a car support so you do not lose the road when driving with the GPS. Of course, you should not use your smartphone while driving!

    Well, we let you choose the iPhone XR accessories you need :)

  • Covers et Cases iPhone XR
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... lifestyle. IPhone XR accessories that allow you to customize your phone to your image and protect it during all events. You also have the option to choose a more resistant cover or a flap case for more practice. Among our iPhone XR accessories, you will also find tempered glasses to cover its front against scratches in particular! But that's not all because we offer wireless and fast charging solutions, more traditional iPhone chargers and even cigarette lighter chargers for your car trips. Audio accessories are also available to listen to your music with a Bluetooth headset or connected speakers. In short, a wide selection of iPhone XR accessories to make the most of your mobile capabilities.

And in addition to offering iPhone XR accessories at the best prices, MacManiack helps you in case of iPhone repair. How? By using its expertise to offer you also quality iPhone XR parts. In general, the screen and the battery are the most common breakdowns on a smartphone. You will find suitable screens but also quality batteries to repair your mobile. Among our iPhone XR parts, you also have smaller components such as cameras, speakers, buttons or vibrator. With MacManiack, you have all the iPhone XR spare parts you need to refurbish and save money.