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iPhone 3G (286 products)

Various parts and accessories for iPhone 3G. Discover below the complete list of iPhone 3G accessories available from MacManiack. You will find accessories ranging from tempered glass protection film to the complete replacement screen through char...



  • Screens - LCD iPhone 3G
    Broken or cracked glass? You will find something here to repair your favorite iPhone. From simple glass touch screen to a complete frame with LCD, Macmaniack will provide you the solution to repair the damaged screen of your iPhone 3G, to recover an iPhone as good as new.
  • Spare parts iPhone 3G
    A wide range of spare parts for the repair of your iPhone 3G, finally allowing you to fix the problem, whatever it is, that keeps you from being able to use your mobile to the maximum of its possibilities!
  • Covers et Cases iPhone 3G
    To protect your iPhone or simply get a makeover! You are the happy owner of an iPhone 3G? Macmaniack has selected for you a large choice of cases, from leather cover cases to stylish bumpers, to satisfy everyone, even the most demanding.
  • Chargers - Powerbanks - Cables iPhone 3G
    With MacManiack, your iPhone is charged anywhere, anytime! Whether it is a car charger or an external battery to bring your iPhone along everywhere, we have what you need. And, because you can never be safe from something unexpected, why not a spare mains supply charger for the office?
  • Cars accessories iPhone 3G
    Bluetooth kits, chargers, supports, but also original and practical accessories, you will find here everything you need to take the wheel with your iPhone in all comfort.
  • iPhone 3G : Accessories

    Various and original accessories for iPhone 3G such as tripods to take pictures, necklaces, telescope, and so much more, to make sure you enjoy all the possibilities offered by your iPhone to their fullest.

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...gers and other external batteries.