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iPhone X (303 products)

Need iPhone X accessories? You could not have fallen better! MacManiack is the expert in the matter by offering the best accessories iPhone X at the best price. We offer iPhone X cases suitable for all styles: minimalist and discreet TPU shells, c...



  • Spare parts iPhone X

    A wide range of spare parts for the repair of your iPhone X, finally allowing you to fix the problem, whatever it is, that keeps you from being able to use your mobile to the maximum of its possibilities !

  • Accessories iPhone X

    You've fallen for the iPhone X? We understand ... But you must seriously think to protect it from shocks and falls! And that's where MacManiack comes in because we've made a selection of iPhone X accessories to give it the protection it deserves. And not only because our iPhone X accessories will allow you to enjoy the best of all its capabilities.

    Among all our iPhone X accessories, you will of course find the great classics with iPhone cases and protective films. You have the choice to opt for a simple shell, a more classy cover or a colorful case according to your desires. We offer discreet protections, perfectly tailored to your iPhone but also ultra-resistant iPhone cases for the more adventurers. Not to mention the tempered glasses to spare its front face scratches and small shocks of everyday life.

    We could not mention our iPhone X accessories without talking about our iPhone chargers. From the traditional and indispensable lightning cable to the car charger via the induction charger to charge your iPhone without cluttering wires. But also with our external battery models that allow you to charge your iPhone wherever you go and even while traveling!

    In our iPhone X accessories, there is also something to share your playlists through our Bluetooth headsets and speakers for example to liven up your parties or motivate you during your sports sessions. Moreover, we also offer waterproof armbands and bike racks for the most athletic of you. As for the nomads, they will appreciate our car racks to keep a cautious eye on the GPS of their iPhone.

    In short, MacManiack tries to adapt to your lifestyle and your style by offering you a panel of accessories iPhone X the largest possible.

  • Screens - LCD iPhone X

    Broken or cracked glass? You will find something here to repair your favorite iPhone. From simple glass touch screen to a complete frame with LCD, Macmaniack will provide you the solution to repair the damaged screen of your iPhone X, to recover an iPhone as good as new.

  • Covers et Cases iPhone X

    To protect your iPhone or simply get a makeover! You are the happy owner of an iPhone X? Macmaniack has selected for you a large choice of cases, from leather cover cases to stylish bumpers, to satisfy everyone, even the most demanding.

  • Chargers - Powerbanks - Cables iPhone X

    With MacManiack, your iPhone X is charged anywhere, anytime! Whether it is a car charger or an external battery to bring your iPhone along everywhere, we have what you need. And, because you can never be safe from something unexpected, why not a spare mains supply charger for the office?

  • Cars accessories iPhone X

    Bluetooth kits, chargers, supports, but also original and practical accessories, you will find here everything you need to take the wheel with your iPhone X in all comfort.

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...olored and / or reinforced shells, more elegant covers and even cases to slide his CB. But you can also opt for a tempered glass that will protect your screen from external aggression. And the charging accessories are not left out having the choice for wireless and fast chargers, more traditional lightning iPhone chargers or even docks as well as car chargers. Similarly to share your playlists on connected speakers or keep them to motivate you with Bluetooth headphones. In short, a wide choice of accessories iPhone X to customize your smartphone to your image and adapt to your lifestyle to keep as long as possible by your side.

In addition to having a wide selection of iPhone X accessories, MacManiack also offers you an iPhone repair solution in case of glitch. If your smartphone has had a slight accident, you can fix it. The most common failures are the broken screen and the used battery. In case of broken screen, you will find our quality iPhone X screens to solve your display or touch problems, ditto for our quality iPhone X batteries. And for all other possible concerns, you also have spare parts iPhone X including for example cameras, speakers, tablecloths or vibrator, among others. And to help you in your iPhone X repair, you can count on our entire technical team to guide you to the right iPhone X parts and advance a first diagnosis when needed.