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The battery of your LG K8 / G3s shows serious signs of fatigue? That no longer holds the charge and you are now forced to recharge your LG K8 / G3s very regularly? Do not wait any longer and replace the battery of your LG K8 / G3s.

LG K8 / K10 Volume Knob Management Pad (2017) If the buttons for normally raising or lowering the volume of your LG K8 / K10 (2017) do not work anymore, you need to replace this volume pad on your LG K8 / K10 K10 (2017) This tablecloth makes it possible to connect the button on your phone to the motherboard of your LG K8 / K10 (2017)

The front camera of your LG K8 does not work anymore? Can not take nice pictures ... Please replace the front camera (front camera) of your LG K8 with this camera compatible with the LG K8. This camera has the same technical characteristics as the original camera of your K8