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The charging connector of your Xiaomi Mi 4S does not work anymore or wrong? You can no longer recharge your Xiaomi Mi 4S or it is no longer recognized by your computer when you plug it in? It is necessary to replace the charging connector of yours Xiaomi Mi 4S We offer here a replacement charging connector. This one has the identical technical characteristics to the original one to fit on your Xiaomi Mi 4S

Management chart for volume and power buttons for Xiaomi Mi 4S. If the buttons for adjusting the volume or turning on / off of your Xiaomi Mi 4S do not work anymore, you need to replace this volume + power pad on your Xiaomi Mi 4S. This tablecloth makes it possible to make the connection between the buttons present on your phone and the motherboard of your Xiaomi Mi 4S

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Sim Drawer for Xiaomi Mi 4S Replaces a broken or lost SIM drawer on a Xiaomi Mi 4S.

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