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Samsung S6 Edge Transparent TPU Case

Protect your Samsung S6 Edge from bumps and scratches with this soft TPU case.

picto silicone

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Teo Jasmin Queen Universal Case. Protect your smartphone and take it along everywhere with you with this cotton Teo Jasmin "sock" case displaying the adorable brand's dog.

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Sport Armband Universel

Want to stay in touch and listen to your favorite music when you go for a run? Ideal to get some exercise done without leaving your precious smartphone, this sport armband is essential for all of your physical activities.

Available in 5 colors

Prix €11.99
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Universal Bikemount bike rack (without shell)

This ultra-light and practical support is composed of a small plastic holder to stick on the back of your smartphone shell, to slide it on the other support (provided) to fix also on the bike. Bring your phone on a bike ride safely and enjoy all its functions.

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