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iSclack Suction cup with suction cup for iPod, iPhone, iPad and all other brands of tablets and smartphones.

Disassemble the screen of your iDevice without damaging it and in seconds? This is now possible thanks to this iSclack suction cup pliers.

Set of 2 spring clips iPad and Macbook

This set of two spring clips will be very useful to keep in place the elements when pasting your iPad or Macbook screen, for example.

You want to replace your iPad or Macbook screen, but you're afraid that it will not stick right? With this set of two professional spring clips, all your fears will disappear.

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Suction cup for disassembling your iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac screens.

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Guitar pick for screen opening

Simple yet efficient way to open the screen of a smartphone or tablet: a guitar pick!

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iSesamo opening tool for iPhone and iPad
iSesamo iPod is an opening tool allying flexibility and solidity specially designed to open almost any idevice .
It quickly becomes essential for any smartphone and touchpads repairman.
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A spudger is the necessary tool while dismantling a device to make it easier and avoid short-circuits.

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4 plastic tools for smartphone and tablet reparation

Basic tools for the opening of smartphones and other mobile devices. Not for heavy or longterm usage, perfect for a few reparations. 

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PVC card to peel off batteries

This PVC card helps to peel off glued batteries without damaging them.

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This curved precision plier is convenient to use during your painstaking repairs to catch small pieces.

Also available in right version and / or kit.

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This straight precision plier is handy to use when making your minute repairs to catch small parts.

Also available in curved version and / or kit.

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Precision repair cutter

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Precision scalpel for repairs on the motherboard and other elements

In case of repairs on the motherboard and other precision works, this scalpel is what you need.

Motherboard support tool for precision work

In case of precision work on your smartphone's motherboard, such as soldering, this tool is deal to offer you support that will allow you to work undisturbed.

Prix €16.99

Digital sliding calipers

The perfect tool for precision measurements for thickness and distance for the reparation of your mobile device, motherboard...

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Digital multimeter

Prix €24.90

IPhone battery charger.

Compatible with :

  • iPhone 4G
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5G
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 6G
  • iPhone 6Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iphone 6S Plus
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gTool Electro-static discharge tweezers

This gTool professional tool allows you to carry out delicate repair work without having to worry about problems caused by electro-static charges (defective touchscreen, screen that won't turn on...).

Precision tweezers Gtool PT-01

Precision tweezers Gtool PT-01 made from stainless steel titanium plated is precision tweezers with very strong and precise cramped. Thereby enabling capture of the smallest elements.

Prix €19.99

Light Magnifier Headband

With its magnifier lenses and frontal lamp, this headband provides comfort during the repair of small devices. Lightweight (100g), it funcions with two AA batteries and lights your work surface with a 4,5V LED bulb.

Magnifying magnifying glass 22x bright LED hand

This magnifying glass, thanks to its small size, easily holds in the hand and offers good maneuverability. It has two LED lights controlled by a switch.

Prix €6.90

Set of 4 shaping files

Set of four shaping files made to, for example, smooth damaged frames or other precision jobs.

IPlastix opening tool for iPhone, iPad, Samsung ...

All professional repairers know how easy it is to break the iPads touch screen when replacing
battery. iPlastix makes it easy to do this without damaging your devices.

Prix €6.90
(1 review)

Steel spatula, allowing an easy disassembly of your screens iPod, iPad, iPhone ...

7 in 1 Screwdriver Bit

Set for iPhone, iPad, Macbook.

The set contains 7 high quality magnetic screwdriver bits for disassembling your MacBook, iPhone, iPad. Usable with electric screwdrivers, drills and screwdriver handles.

Prix €6.90
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Precision antistatic clip

Prix €7.99
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iFlex - Stainless steel tool for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

The iFlex tool is the ideal partner for all your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch repairs.

Spatula very thin and strong thanks to its stainless steel texture.

Prix €10.99
(2 reviews)

IHold LCD Stand for iPhone 5 & 5S

How to make your job easier when dismounting your iPhone 5 / 5S? Nothing more simple with this iHold tool that serves as LCD support for your iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C