Precision soldering iron 30W

Your iPhone or other mobile device soldering with this precision soldering iron.

Prix €3.90
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Desoldering cable braid

Helpful tool when you solder your own devices. This braid cable removes existing or unwanted solder.

To use with all devices that use solder.

Prix €6.90
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Precision soldering tin wire

Thanks to its thinness of 0,3mm, this wire is perfect for the soldering of mobile devices in case of defect of the motherboard, the battery or other damages that require soldering.

Prix €9.90
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Liquid Soldering Flux

Created for precision soldering work on devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Prix €7.99
10mm Polyamide tape
The polyamide iPhone tape has an adhesive side.
The tape can be used as insulation against electricity.
Resistant to high temperatures.

Soldering iron cleaning tool

When using your soldering iron for mobile devices, it's very important to clean your soldering iron often so that it keeps working very precise. This tool is most appropriate for that.

Prix €5.99

Solder tools 6 in 1

Tools to help you solding your mobile device and other solded devices.

Prix €2.99
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Aspirant suction cup pen 939V

This suction cup pen allows you to gently grasp and move micro-components in places that other tools can not reach.

Prix €18.90

Slick magnetic work. Of a thickness of 11 mm, this plan will work silicone you prevents your tools, screws, pieces fall off. You facilitates the storage and organization in the repair of your device.

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Motherboard support tool for precision work

In case of precision work on your smartphone's motherboard, such as soldering, this tool is deal to offer you support that will allow you to work undisturbed.