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Impress your Harry Potter fan friends with this 3.5cm Snitch that you managed to catch in your last Quidditch match! This metal keychain perfectly reproduces the Golden Snitch and will be the perfect keeper for your keys. OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE.

Student at Hogwarts? With this metal Hogwarts keychain, the blazon of the famous wizarding school will never leave you! Dimensions: H 4.9 x W 3.9cm OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE

Impress your friends with this levitation spell that Hermione shares in this kit including a magic wand that can levitate the pen magically! How it works ? Real magic or invisible threads will say skeptics ... Wingardium Leviosa! The kit also includes tips for using your wand as at Hogwarts. OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE

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What would Harry Potter and his friends be without Hagrid, the big-hearted giant? He only missed him in your collection! This resin figurine of 16cm is accompanied by its booklet of 12 pages. Hagrid figurine on the scale 1 / 16th. OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE

And if you become the new Harry Potter with this high-quality resin wand that glows when you use it. Thanks to the free application to download on Android or iOS, you can even immortalize your most beautiful spells through a Paint-Lightning photo. 39cm wand with 3 LR41 batteries included. OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE.

Become as strong as Dumbledore with his famous Elderberry Wand in quality queen. A true replica that illuminates and connects to the free application (Android & iOS) to trace your most beautiful spells light via a photo in Light-Painting. 39cm wand with 3 LR41 batteries included. OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE.

As a fan of Harry Potter, you can not miss this magical pen to sign your important documents! A true replica of the famous 2001 Nimbus which levitates as if by magic (or thanks to magnets, we are not sure!). This 19cm pen includes a base and a brass plate to enlarge your collection. A replacement ink cartridge included. OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE.

The essential gift box to prepare your return to Hogwarts! It includes: - A 320ml Hogwarts mug dishwasher safe; - A metal key ring of the Hogwarts Blazon; - A 164-page A6 notebook to take note of Dumbledore's advice OFFICIAL LICENSE HARRY POTTER.

With this keychain representing the magic hat, you will know which house you and your friends belong to! This key ring can be placed on the hand or on the head to know if you are a Serpentard or Gryffindor (or other ^ ^). In 3D and 6 cm (LxWxH), it will be the perfect keeper of your keys! OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE.

As a fan of Harry Potter, you must know the Deathly Hallows. They are represented here on this metal key ring: the elder stick, the invisibility cloak and the resurrection stone. You can proudly brandish your keys! Dimensions: H 4,7cm x W 4cm OFFICIAL LICENSE HARRY POTTER.

This quality metal keychain is your ticket to the Hogwarts Express. See you on track 9 3/4 to start the year at the wizard school! Dimensions: H 4cm x W 3.6cm OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE

Do you belong to Gryffindor House? To represent your home wherever you go, you need this quality metal keychain representing the Gryffindor crest! Dimensions: H 4x L 5.5cm. OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE.

Draco Malfoy would have been jealous of this Slytherin keychain! The coat of arms of the house is on this metal keychain to proudly display the colors of your house at Hogwarts! Dimensions: H 4 x W 5.5cm OFFICIAL LICENSE HARRY POTTER

Thanks to you, Dobby is free! Keep this sock keychain "Free Dobby" always with you to celebrate this glorious day. Made of metal, dimensions: H 5 x L 3,6cm OFFICIAL LICENSE HARRY POTTER

Do not lose your keys and be safe with this key ring Elder Wand, one of the three Death Reins! An exact replica of quality metal and 3D with collector packaging. DImensions: H 7cm x W 0.8cm OFFICIAL LICENSE HARRY POTTER

Light up your home with this 22cm Deathly Hallows lamp! A symbol that includes the Elder Wand, the Invisibility Cloak and the Resurrection Stone also projected on your wall when the lamp is on. It works via a USB cable. OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE

Want to play a game of Quidditch with friends? To your brooms and launch in pursuit of the Snitch! Its base allows you to take off this perfect representation of the Vif d'Or who really flies to impress all your friends! 8 activators of patented shuttlecocks make invisible the threads that will make this Snitch Golden Mystery spin! 2 AG13 batteries included. OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE

Continue to play the sorcerer's apprentices with this kit that includes 8 Aramdie threads for your Golden Snitch Mystery or your Wingardium Leviosa kit! Your friends will only see fire and you can perferctionner your magic before the next school year at Hogwarts! OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE

A must have for all fans of the Harry Potter saga: Harry and Hedwig during his first year at Hogwarts! In this Gryffindor student outfit, this 12cm (1 / 16th scale) figure is waiting to expand your collection! OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE

The most famous of the wizard redheads is represented here in this Q posket figurine of Banpresto. Ron Weasley is waiting to join your collection with this 14cm figure. OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE

This figure represents Harry Potter waving his magic wand in his fight against Voldemort! This figurine is accompanied by a booklet of 12 pages in English. Figurine scale 1 / 16th, 12 cm. OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE

This 12cm figure represents the One-Who-Must-Not-Say-The-Name in a mythical fight against Harry Potter. Voldemort figurine on the scale 1 / 16th. OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE

With this Vif d'Or moneybox, the Gringotts will go bankrupt! A magic metal money box that does not show coins but hides them in plain sight thanks to an optical effect, without disturbing the Snitch that seems to twirl as if nothing had happened! Dimensions: W 10.8 x D 10.8 x W 16.6 cm OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE

Expand your collection with this Ron Weasley Pop figure with his trusty rat Croutard! Figurine number 44 from the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Size: 9cm OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER LICENSE