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The Joker has more than one trick up his sleeve to beat Batman! Carefully handle this keychain representing the facetious and terrible Joker on a metal card. At least, nobody will dare to touch your bunch of keys! DC COMICS OFFICIAL LICENSE

The perfect gift for all masked vigilante fans! This pack includes a 320ml Batman mug (dishwasher safe) to regain strength before defending the dark alleys of Gotham. A Batman logo metal keychain will look after your keys and you will be able to write down your next action plans in the 164-page A6 notebook. DC COMICS OFFICIAL LICENSE

What would Batman be without his Batmobile? MacManiack offers you this replica of the racing car of the Black Knight to secure your keyring. Made of quality metal, the Batmobile is entirely black. Dimensions: 6 x 2,5cm DC OFFICIAL LICENSE COMICS

For all fans of Justice League, MacManiack offers you this keychain Harley Quinn in all its splendor (and his madness) to keep your keys safe! PVC Keychain: 4.4 x 3.8cm OFFICIAL LICENSE DC COMICS

As a fan of Batman, you can not miss this replica of the famous Batmobile! It also includes Batman's flexible figurine (Mikael Keaton) to complete your collection. DC COMICS OFFICIAL LICENSE

You may not have super powers but you are a heroine in your life! And for all fans of the Amazon warrior, MacManiack offers this metal keychain that represents the logo of the irreplaceable Wonder Woman! Dimensions: 5 x 2,5cm DC OFFICIAL LICENSE COMICS

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Even if you do not run as fast as Flash, you will not have to search your keys faster than you go with this metal keychain representing the famous Flash logo! Dimensions: 3.7 x 3.3 cm DC OFFICIAL LICENSE COMICS

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While waiting to see the Bat Signal in the sky, you can show your support to the Gotham Black Knight with this metal Batman keychain! Who would dare steal your bunch of keys from such a guard? Dimensions: 3 x 4.8cm DC COMICS OFFICIAL LICENSE

Whether you're from Krypton or not, MacManiack offers the best protection for your keys with this metal Superman keychain! A superhero who will even reveal your keys to hide! Size: 3.4 x 4 cm OFFICIAL LICENSE DC COMICS

This figure of Batman and Superman with a size of about 17 centimeters, where we can see Superman very happy to wear Batman in the air. Batman doing a little grimace, which makes the figurine quite original and funny. It will be perfect for your DC figurine collection, especially since you have two superheroes in one figure! DC COMICS OFFICIAL LICENSE

After Superman, of course there is Supergirl! With an outfit almost similar to Superman, except that Supergirl has a skirt, she. A supergirl figure of 16 centimeters where we see her using her super powers. DC COMICS OFFICIAL LICENSE

Green Arrow, known for being the best archer in the DC universe, will be proudly placed on your bedside table! This 16 cm tall Green Arrow model, where we can see it ready to draw its arrow, which is actually a fist sent in the face of the enemy. Dressed in his green suit, you will recognize him among a thousand. DC COMICS OFFICIAL LICENSE