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Nendoroid Tsunade, character of Naruto, measuring 10 centimeters. You can have fun changing the facial expressions of Nendoroid Tsunade, be it when she is brave or when she grimaces. This Nendoroid Tsunade figurine in Naruto will delight fans! NARUTO OFFICIAL LICENSE

Whether it's to offer a child to store their small pieces, or to an adult to continue his collection Naruto, the gift will be effective! The Naruto Shippuden piggy bank is PVC vinyl, with a height of 17 centimeters for the bust of Naruto. The slot of the piggy bank is in the back, no one will know that you hide a treasure! NARUTO OFFICIAL LICENSE

Fan of Naruto, you can not miss this Naruto Uzumaki figure! Ready to launch the Rasengan before reaching his enemy, and wearing his famous orange jumpsuit and bandeau. This Naruto Uzumaki figure is 17 centimeters. NARUTO OFFICIAL LICENSE