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The leader of the wicked Fortnite comes to your living room with this POP Omega figure. Fully equipped with its armor and its helmet covering his face, it will integrate perfectly with your POP collection! This figure is 9 centimeters. FORTIFIED OFFICIAL LICENSE

A Moonwalker POP figurine from the Fortnite game. The figure is 9 centimeters, with his helmet and small rocket in his hand, you will feel like you are on the moon! FORTIFIED OFFICIAL LICENSE

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POP Zoey figurine, Fortnite Battle Royale character! As part of the set "Sweet Tooth", it is quite normal to see her brandishing a pacifier as a weapon. With his green haircut and two quilts, not to mention his cap filled with barley sugars. She will fill your living room with sweet colors! FORTIFIED OFFICIAL LICENSE

The Fortnite skin available just on Valentine's Day can infiltrate your living room to add to the collection of POP figures! Recognizable thanks to its stone statue look and pink pants. Yes, we are talking about the POP Love Ranger! The POP Love Ranger figurine is 9 centimeters. FORTIFIED OFFICIAL LICENSE

Small POP figurines pass everywhere! Here, they are Fortnite figures of characters Omega and Valor. These Fortnite POP figures are about 5 centimeters in size. - Omega POP Figurine - POP Valor Figurine FORTIFIED OFFICIAL LICENSE

After the game Fortnite, now there are also Fortnite POP figures! We propose two small 5 cm POP figurines, with Skull Trooper and Ghoul Trooper. After all, you can not miss the Fortnite event. - Skull Trooper POP Figurine - Ghoul Trooper POP Figurine FORTIFIED OFFICIAL LICENSE