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Here we offer original and practical accessories to personalize your devices.


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  • Mac Chargers

    How to use your computer without a good Mac charger ? An essential accessory to work in peace. Whether your Mac is a work tool or leisure, you will necessarily need a proper mac feeder to enjoy at any time of the day. We are aware of your requirement and that is why MacManiack has bothered to choose the best Mac chargers for you. You will necessarily find the appropriate Mac loader for your model, regardless of the generation of your computer. Because, we know the longevity that can have Apple computers, and that's why we choose to offer Mac chargers suitable for all versions, the most recent as the oldest. Not jealous !

    Need a MacBook charger ? Whether you're faithful to your 2008 model or even earlier, or if you've chosen a newer model, we have the MacBook charger you need. Among our many products, you will find the magsafe charger you missed! From 45, 60 or 85 Watts, you have the choice to select the MacBook charger that fits your needs. Magsafe charger has proven its effectiveness and make it essential to all owners of Apple computers. The magnetic fastener allows you to attach quickly but firmly enough not to worry about losing the load during use. The advantage of the magsafe charger is that you do not have to think about the meaning to insert it. The magnet does all the work and the same to remove this MacBook adapter.

    Rather looking for a MacBook Pro adapter? No problem, we the MacBook Pro charger you dreamed in stock too! And yes, MacManiack does not skimp on the means and offers a panel of chargers MacBook Pro as wide as possible. You will find magsafe 1 chargers for older models as well as several Magsafe 2 chargers for the MacBook Pro Retina. Regardless of the size of your computer, 13, 15 or 17 ", you have the option to choose your appropriate MacBook Pro charger in this category, and the magsafe 1 charger as well as the magsafe 2 charger is available in several powers: 45 , 60 or 85 Watts, so you can reload your Apple computer reliably and conveniently with our wide range of MacBook Pro chargers.

    You like lightness and have adopted a MacBook Air? Fine and perfectly suited to the active life, you will necessarily need a quality MacBook Air charger to continue to enjoy your Apple computer as the first day. Among our MacBook Air chargers , you will have the choice between a charger magsafe 1 and a charger magsafe 2, both of 45W. Whether you need a legacy or new generation MacBook Air charger, MacManiack offers everything in this section. Same as new USB-C chargers compatible with the latest versions found alongside traditional MacBook Air adapters. We put a point of honor to offer you quality accessories like these MacBook Air chargers to allow you to use your Apple computer as long as possible and as simply as possible.

    Among our range of Mac chargers, you will have all magsafe adapters available for all generations of Apple computer. We offer magsafe 1 adapters and magsafe 2 adapters, as well as a USB-C charger for sticking to all Mac versions. We assume that you have the right to use your Mac for as long as you like knowing that their longevity can sometimes reach records. What's more, we also have Mac spare parts that could be useful in the event of a breakdown.

    If you have any doubt about the Mac loader you need, do not hesitate to call our technical team. Technicians at your service who can direct you on the compatibility of your device. You will know if you need a magsafe charger or magsafe 2 charger ! And our Mac chargers can even adapt to the international because we have European or UK Mac adapters if needed. Convenient if you often see with your Apple computer. Just as it may be useful to have a second Mac loader on standby, especially if you are traveling a lot, to leave one at home and one in the office, for example.

    In short, a section will seduce Apple fans with a wide selection of MacBook chargers, MacBook Pro chargers or MacBook Air chargers! All our Mac adapters are premium quality but at a price made in MacManiack :)

  • Accessories Consoles

    What if you decide not to have the same console as everyone else? MacManiack offers you a selection of console accessories to customize your PS4, buy a new controller for your Xbox or a shell for your Nintendo! In this section of console accessories, we have concentrated the essentials for all brands and all generations of consoles! Make the most of the possibilities of your PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox with our console accessories to protect, equip or customize it!

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