WiFi + RF Connected Switch BLACK (Single)

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Do you want to have a connected home with ease? It's possible thanks to MacManiack and this connected switch ! A switch that is easy to install in place of your traditional switch, without having extensive knowledge of electricity since the connection only includes 3 wires in order to be able to control the light remotely and in WiFi! This connected switch adapts to all standard boxes EU standards and will bring a real touch of modernity to your home!

Elegant with its black glass front , it is triggered in a tactile way, like when you browse on your mobile. But its main interest is not to activate it manually but rather remotely via your WiFi network ! Because yes, you have the possibility of activating the light remotely from your smartphone connected to the same WiFi network! No need to get up from your sofa and you can also schedule the ignition from the app available on iOS or Android, if you wish. Everything is possible. In addition, this connected switch is compatible with connected speakers Alexa (Amazon) and Google Home for even more practice!

Easy to install, it brings a real plus to the decoration of your home with its black facade but also its small LED ! A discreet light touch for the atmosphere and allow it to be easily found in the dark. WiFi failure? Don't panic, you can control it via remote control (not included) thanks to RF technology , so you don't stay in the dark!

How to install this BLACK WiFi + RF connected switch (Simple)?

  • Turn off the power / circuit breaker on your main electrical panel
  • Unscrew / remove the old switch from your wall
  • Connect the phase (red wire) coming from the electrical panel
  • Then connect the input wire of the bulb to terminal 1
  • Then connect the output wire of the bulb to terminal 2
  • Clip the glass front
  • Download the eWeLink application on your smartphone (iOS or Android) then press the button on the switch for 5 seconds to pair it to your WiFi network.

Characteristics :

  • SIMPLE connected switch
  • Operation: Manual (Touch), WiFi (Smartphone), RF 433mHz (remote control)
  • BLACK glass front
  • Tempered crystal glass front
  • Double LED backlight
  • Compatibility: iOS & Android
  • Compatible: Google Home and Alexa (Amazon)
  • Connection: local WiFi network
  • Standard installation (instead of your old switch) on a flush-mounted box
  • Home automation system
  • Dimension of the glass plate: 86mm x 86mm x 4mm
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Max ampere: 16A
  • Max load: <2200W
  • Connection voltage: AC 110-250 / 50-60Hz
  • Operating temperature: -30 to 70 ° C
  • Humidity: up to 95% LV / Compatible with bathroom
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86mm x 86mm x 4mm
OLD Compatibility
Alexa & Google Home
EU Standard Switch
Type of connection
WiFi + RF 433Mhz
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