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Do you want to ensure the security of your home in your absence or during the night? MacManiack offers you this connected alarm pack that will allow you to protect your property at any time of the day, night and year! This connected alarm pack covers all the entry points to your home (you can add extra detectors) to guarantee the security of the whole house: doors and windows! Ideal for securing your home!

How does this connected alarm pack work?

This pack includes a motion detector and a door sensor to be installed in the most convenient place in your home. The motion detector is easily installed along a wall to cover the largest area possible. In case of movement, it sends a signal to your phone to be alerted in real time! Ditto for the door sensor which activates the alarm as well as a notification via the RF bridge when a door (or window) is opened in your absence. In short, the sensors are connected to the RF module which alerts your phone in case of suspicious movement.

You just have to download the eWeLink application on your iOS or Android smartphone in order to have access to all the sensors installed in your home. You will be able to configure the notification center when motion is detected or the alarm goes off. Depending on the signal and the sensors installed in your home, it is possible to program a scenario that automatically turns on (or flash) the lights in the intrusion zone. Enough to scare off intruders! In short, everything is possible via the dedicated application.

The bonus? You can configure and access it from your connected speaker Alexa (Amazon), Google Home and Nest!

Features of this connected alarm pack:

  • Security alarm
  • Connection via WiFi
  • Frequency: 433MHz
  • Motion, door and infrared sensor
  • Send an automatic signal to your smartphone
  • Automatically turns on lights on movement
  • IOS and Android compatible
  • Works with Alexa (Amazon), Google Home and Nest
  • Easy to install and possibility to add additional sensors

What does this connected alarm pack include?

  • PIR2 motion detector
  • Door sensor DW1
  • RF Bridge 433 module
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