Ultra thin 0.3mm case iPhone 4 4S


Ultra thin 0.3mm case iPhone 4 4S

Protect in a discreet fashion your iPhone 4 or 4S with the help of this ultra thin transparent case, no bigger than 0,3mm.

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Ultra thin 0.3mm case iPhone 4 4S

Transparent protective case that will shelter the back of your phone while preserving its natural figure.

Ultra-thin: The thinness of this case allows you to protect your iPhone while perfectly preserving its original elegance. An important point for those of you who love too much the natural figure of their phone to alter them with a thicker case. What’s more, thinness rhymes with lightness: with this case, your pocket won’t feel neither the size nor the weight change.

Easy Take On: By reason of the flexible material it is made of, this case is extremely easy to put on as well as to take off. Very practical for those who like to switch cases as they please without having to worry about little scratches happening in case of sudden moves. 

Colourful: Colours are good for your health! Give yourself a therapy with this vibrant case that will add happiness to your iPhone’s sobriety. Protecting it while adding a playful touch, it truly is the best of both worlds.

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