Baron Edition Folding Case for iPhone 5/5S/SE

Reference: COQ5X-220

Baron Edition Folding Case for iPhone 5, 5S and SE

Colour: off-white

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10,26 €

Baron Edition Folding Case for iPhone 5, 5S and SE

Luxurious first-quality leather case, with microfiber inner lining to prevent from scratches.

Thanks to its cuts, you will be able to access the multiple functions of your iPhone 5, 5S or SE without having to take it out of its case. 

Hoco: This high-end leather brand situated in Hong Kong is specialized in first-quality leather cases for iPad and iPhone. This tanner exclusively uses superior-quality leather to satisfy the clients who want to mix, originality, functionality and design. Lively colours, a large choice, and protection: these are the keywords in the conception of their cases and accessories. 

Textured plastic: This case gets its original look and feeling from the material it is made of, resulting in an unique and sculptural effect which provides an interesting contrast between the textured look of your protective case and the smoothness of your iPhone.

Booklet Case: Closing horizontally, just like a book, this case doesn’t only protect the back of your phone, but also its front. Your screen is therefore sheltered and you don’t have to worry about anything except: which model are you going to go for?

Business: iPhones and iPads are for some people way more than just a family entertainment device, but a true working tool. It is therefore important to be sure your iDevice looks the part. Our Business products selection will help you choosing the most elegant and functional accessories.

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