Durable Verus shell for iPhone 5/5S/SE

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    Durable Verus shell for iPhone 5/5S/SE  Covers et Cases iPhone 5 - 6

Verus Resistant Case for iPhone 5, 5S and SE

Effectively protect your iPhone from bumps and scratches with this stylish, minimalist design resistant shell.

TPU : TPU is a type of elastomer plastic whose flexibility is similar to that of silicone. This protection has a high shock absorption capacity and therefore offers optimal protection for your iPhone. Because of its smooth exterior, TPU guards slip easily out of your pocket and do not catch dust, making maintenance extremely easy.

Shock Absorption : This shell is made of silicone, soft plastic known to reduce the effects of shocks. This material stops the waves of falls and collisions more effectively, allowing more tranquility for those who tend to let their iPhone fall from their hands.

Getting started :   For those in a hurry, clumsy, or just those who have had a bad experience of falling iPhone in the past, we can only recommend a shell that provides you with a non-slip rubber pad that will not slip from your hands.

Colorful : Colors are good for your health! Treat yourself to a rejuvenating bath with this shimmering case that will add life to the sobriety of your iPhone. Protect it by adding a playful and original touch, it's the best of both worlds!

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