Thin Soft Case TPU for iPhone 5/5S/SE


Softcase made of thin TPU for iPhone 5, 5S and SE

This ultra-flexible Case will protect your iPhone of scratches and dust.

Available in several flashy colours or in more sober colours.

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3,29 €

Thin softcase TPU green flashy for iPhone 5, 5S and SE

Protect the back and the sides of your iPhone with this thin flexible shell TPU in electric color (or not).

TPU: TPU is a kind of elastomer plastic, whose suppleness is not unlike silicone. This protection possesses a great shock-absorption capacity, therefore giving your iPhone optimal protection. Because of its smooth exterior, TPU protections glide easily out of your pocket and dust doesn’t stick on it, making the maintenance extremely simple.

Colourful: Colours are good for your health! Give yourself a therapy with this vibrant case that will add happiness to your iPhone’s sobriety. Protecting it while adding a playful touch, it truly is the best of both worlds.

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