Complete screen kit assembled BLACK iPhone 7 Plus (Original Quality) + tools

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    Complete touchscreen and LCD Retina screen for iPhone 7 Plus black original

BLACK iPhone 7 Plus Assembled Complete Screen Kit (Original Quality) + tools

Are you thinking of replacing the broken screen of your iPhone 7 Plus? You want to repair your screen yourself to avoid the high fees you will have to pay if you have it repaired by a professional? We have what you need! At MacManiack , we put at your disposal a complete screen iPhone 7 Plus original kit , namely a quality perfectly similar to that of your old screen. This screen is sold with a tool kit containing all the equipment you need to repair your screen in better conditions without the need of a professional. Do not wait any longer and order your component now.

This iPhone 7 Plus Screen Kit includes:

  • Complete iPhone 7 Plus screen assembled black (original quality)
  • Tool kit
  • iScrews disassembly boss iPhone 7 Plus

A complete iPhone 7 Plus screen kit, why?

  • Repair your screen yourself
  • Broken / cracked screen
  • Slow touch and less responsive than before
  • Dead pixels

Screen quality :

Your assembled iPhone 8 Plus screen is an original component that comes with a good quality repair kit.

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