Original Touch Screen Digitizer iPad Mini Black

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    iPad Mini touch panel white

You will be able to repair your damaged digitizer quite easily thanks to the MacManiack toolkit provided. The shock that your iPad Mini suffered will soon be forgotten, you will recover flawless resolution, as well as the ability to use your tablet without risking to damage your fingers. Vivid colours and a reactive touch screen, as efficient as day one. 

This touchscreen digitizer for iPad Mini is delivered with:

Adhesive sticker + 5-in-1 toolkit including:

  • a Philips head screwdriver
  • a pentalobular screwdriver (TORX)
  • two suction cups
  • an opening spudger
  • a spatula


Quality control: 

iPad Mini digitizers are parts that require precision and quality in the production. Therefore, all our digitizers are carefully controlled by us as soon as they leave the factory. We constantly sample these parts, manually tested by our technicians in Europe, so as so make sure to provide you with quality parts that will meet all of your expectations.


A toolkit, adapted to the replacement of the iPad Mini digitizer, is supplied with your order, it includes a Philips head screwdriver, a pentalobular screwdriver (TORX), two suctions cups, an opening spudger and a spatula.
Nonetheless, in case you need it, we can suggest a range of professional tools, to allow you to repair your iPad with even more swiftness and simplicity. You will find this selection in the tools category of our store.



Our team greatly cares about the packaging of your order, which is why we use exclusive and specfic for iPad digitizers packages. Indeed, our digitizers are packaged in a foam box adapted to its shape, so as to perfectly secure its shipping.


iPad Mini only



Also available in white 

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