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2.5" SSD OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G 480GB


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Black Drive SATA 6 Gb / s 2.5 inch limited edition limited edition offering the best performance and longevity for each use ... from performance enthusiasts to production professionals. Mac and PC compatible

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OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G 480GB 2.5 "SSD

The best performance and longevity of a 2.5 inch SATA SSD for each use

When the first Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD was launched almost a decade ago, it was designed to be the fastest, most reliable, and most durable 2.5-inch SATA SSD on the market. The evolution of OWC's first 2.5-inch SATA SSD continues this legacy with performance up to 5 times faster over the life of its capacity compared to other drives. If you have a Mac or PC with a SATA 6G drive bay, the Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD is the fastest 2.5-inch SSD available today.

Start fast, stay fast

Even though many SSDs use low-cost, less robust components in their design, they can still offer attractive short-term bust speeds that are perfectly suited for light uses. However, these drives are not designed to provide constant sustained speeds above their nominal capacity, which results in a dramatic slowdown in hard drive speeds, even under difficult operating conditions.

The fifth generation of Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD was designed to start quickly and stay fast. Its development began with the use of the best flash storage components and technologies available. Then, after being almost completely filled with data, it had to provide the same high speed as if it were empty. This reader does not flinch at any time or at any level of capacity and does not decrease the read / write speeds as do the other readers… it easily manages the most extreme critical uses that you can launch.

Get your money

When the performance of a low-cost "basic" SSD drops dramatically, many users replace the drive long before all of its storage capacity is used up to regain that feeling of speed "like new". The Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD has been designed to allow you to work at full speed for the duration of the drive to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Battle Horse Revitalizer

With your investment in applications and the time required to configure this beloved Mac or PC workhorse as desired; it makes sense to get the most out of the machine before removing it. By revitalizing your Mac or PC with a Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD, you will transform your machine with unprecedented performance with the best performance upgrade available. From faster startups and application launch times to greatly improved system responsiveness, you'll love using your "new" computer for a fraction of the cost of purchasing the latest model.

Go big or go home

Do you want to use the Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD in a computer, docking station, camera or external storage box with a 9.5 mm high drive bay? Unlike other 7mm SSDs that do not include an adapter or have an edge spacer with limited adhesive surface, the Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD comes with a full size spacer for 100% secure and compatible use.

Strong points

  • Game Changer: the best performance upgrade for Mac and PC with SATA drive bay
  • No slowdown: maintains read / write speeds greater than 500 MB / s over the entire capacity of the reader
  • Save money: use the player until saturated or replace the idle player
  • A / V compatible: use with Blackmagic, audio devices, Atomos devices
  • Universal fit: includes a 7mm to 9.5mm profile spacer for 100% secure and compatible use


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