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10 in 1 Toolkit iPhone 4

Reference: OUTIL-408

Toolkit 10 in 1 iPhone 4

Toolkit for iPhone and iPad 10 in 1, comprising a support for example remove the screws of the iPhone 4 in the correct order, which will greatly facilitate reassembly.

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9,90 €

Toolkit 10 in 1 includes:

  •      a exemple support to remove the screws at the corresponding locations
  •      disassembly of your iPhone (exemple support for iPhone 4)
  •      A scraper for discharging the air bubbles during the laying of
  •      protective films
  •      A spatul to help replace the glasstouch
  •      Torx quality for iPhone 4/4S
  •      A Phillips screwdriver for iPhone 3-4 /iPhone
  •      Torx for iPad
  •      Two different plastic levers for disassembly
  •      Two tabs (one small and one large)

A very handy and complete toolkit!

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