Tempered glass Screen Protector iPhone 4 4s

Reference: IPH4X-509

Tempered glass Screen Protector iPhone 4 and 4S

Give your iPhone great and efficient protection with this tempered glass screen protector which absorbs shocks. 

Despite its thinness, it absorbs impacts and scratches while keeping your screen responsive.

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Screen Protector iPhone 4 4s Clear Front & Rear 

Equip your smartphone with the best protection film ever designed. The performance of its protection resides in the material it is made of: tempered glass. 

Anti-Scratch: Not only does this film protect your screen from shocks and scratches, but it is itself resistant to scraping. This invisible film guarantees you an easy vision that is not disturbed by scratches that would damage the screen.


  • Tempered glass film for a great protection performance
  • 100% transparency
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Delivered with cleaning wipes

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