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Duo Sim Card Adapter for iPhone

Reference: ACC00-045

double adapter SIM card flex for iPhone
This flex adapter double SIM simplifies you the life and allows you to use 2 SIM cards in your iPhone. No more need to take 2 telephones with you, from now on, you manage easily your private and professional contacts.          

In brief, your double life!

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7,90 €

You can use 2 SIM cards of different networks and change network as you wish it, without needing to change the card  physically, what takes time.
To arrange 2 SIM cards in your iPhone, you just have to place 2 SIM on the adapter and to insert an extremity into the port(bearing) for SIM card. You can pass from a SIM to the other one without having to switch off your iPhone,
helpfull when you need many data or to switch to the SIM card which afford numerous texts messages.

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