Battery (Official) - Wiko Lenny 5

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Battery (Official) - Wiko Lenny 5

The battery of your Wiko Lenny 5 does not hold properly anymore? Are you now forced to charge your phone several times a day? You want to find the original autonomy of your Wiko Lenny 5?
This battery for Wiko Lenny 5 with the same technical characteristics as your original battery, you will find the original battery life of your Wiko in just a few minutes.

Editing on Wiko Lenny 5:

Difficulty: 4 stars for battery Wiko Lenny 5 / Time required: 10 min

Quality Control : Wiko Lenny 5 battery quality

The batteries for Wiko Lenny 5 are parts requiring precision and quality of production. This is why all the batteries are controlled by us at the exit of the factory. We are constantly taking battery samples for Lenny 5 for manual testing by our technicians in Europe to offer you Lenny 5 batteries of the highest quality.

Wiko Lenny 5 battery tools :

If necessary, we offer a selection of professional tools for Wiko Lenny 5, to allow you to replace with even more speed and simplicity the battery of your Lenny 5. You will find this selection in the tools category of our shop.

Wiko Lenny 5 Battery Shipping: Wiko battery expedition

Our team takes the greatest care in the packaging of our parcels, which is why we use specific packaging for Wiko Lenny 5 batteries. Our batteries are packaged in an anti-static packaging adapted to its shape. secure the delivery of the best.

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