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Coated Peruvian patterned hard cover case for iPhone 6


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Coated Peruvian patterned hard cover case for iPhone 6

Make travel your iPhone with this coated Peruvian patterned hard cover case. You simply touch this case to feel like in Machu Picchu!

picto colours picto fun picto fashion

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Coated Peruvian patterned hard cover case for iPhone 6

Protect your iPhone from bumps and scratches with this original hard cover case with coated Peruvian patterned.

Fun: If you want to make your iPhone more amusing, we recommend this original case that will make you smile while still protecting durably your phone. It will dress the sober figure of your iPhone with liveliness.

Colourful: Colours are good for your health! Give yourself a therapy with this vibrant case that will add happiness to your iPhone’s sobriety. Protecting it while adding a playful touch, it truly is the best of both worlds.

Fashion: To answer the taste of fashion-lovers with precise standards, this case echoes the last trends. To enjoy an iPhone protection that matches your style, and make of your mobile an extension of it.


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