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360° Clear Supple Case iPhone 6/6S


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360° Clear Supple Case for iPhone 6 and 6S

This double case, front and back, provides your iPhone with full protection. Discreet, it won't alter the weight nor the look of your iPhone, making it ideal for those who'd prefer an efficient, yet invisible protection.

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360° Clear Supple Case for iPhone 6 and 6S

Double protection case to be placed on the front and back cover of your iPhone 6 and 6S, to enjoy to the fullest your iPhone's elegance while keeping it protected from shocks and scratches.

Ultra-thin: The thinness of this case allows you to protect your iPhone while perfectly preserving its original elegance. An important point for those of you who love too much the natural figure of their phone to alter them with a thicker case. What’s more, thinness rhymes with lightness: with this case, your pocket won’t feel neither the size nor the weight change.

Data sheet

Type toestel iPhone
iPhone Model iPhone 6, iPhone 6S
Type toebehoren Cases en Hoesjes


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