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Origineel volledig scherm Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini bleu


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Original quality complete screen for Galaxy S3 Mini GT -8190 in black.

This complete digitizer for Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT -8190 is an original quality piece that will allow you to repair the broken or damaged screen of your Samsung.

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You will be able to repair the digitizer of your black Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT-i8190 in from 25 to 30 minutes, without any specific knowledge required, thanks to the toolkit provided, free of charge. The shock that your Samsung Galaxy S3 suffered will soon be forgotten, you will recover flawless resolution, as well as the ability to use your phone without risking to damage your fingers. Vivid colours and a reactive touch screen, as efficient as day one.



This complete screen for Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT-i8190 includes:

  • Amoled LCD
  • Black touch-screen
  • Full frame
  • Front camera
  • Home button
  • In-ear monitoring


Difficulty:  deux étoiles /  Required time:  30 min

Quality control:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini digitizers are parts that require precision and quality in the production. Therefore, all our digitizers are carefully controlled by us as soon as they leave the factory. We constantly sample these parts, manually tested by our technicians in Europe, so as so make sure to provide you with quality parts that will meet all of your expectations. 


When needed, we suggest a selection of professional tools, to allow you to repair your Samsung with even more swiftness and simplicity. You will find this selection in the tools section of our store. 


Shipping :            

Our team greatly cares about the packaging of your order, which is why we use exclusive and specfic for iPhone digitizers packages. Indeed, our digitizers are packaged in a foam box adapted to its shape, so as to perfectly secure its shipping.


Model - GT-i8190



Also available in black. 

Data sheet

Samsung Model S3 Mini
Type toestel Samsung


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