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Replacement battery for Galaxy A7 SM-A700F of identical quality to the original battery of your Galaxy A7.

Your Galaxy A7 no longer hold the charge? Its autonomy no longer allows you to use your Galaxy A7 correctly? Replace the battery with this replacement battery.

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The home button - main button - of your Galaxy A7 SM-A700F stops responding or wrong? Replace it with this spare part with the same qualities as the original home button of your Galaxy A7
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You have damaged the interconnect cable of the motherboard of your Galaxy A7 or it does not work properly? Replace it with this replacement cable.
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Full screen for Galaxy A7 SM-A700F Gold color of original quality.

This complete screen for Galaxy A7 black is an original screen that will allow you to replace the glass or the broken screen of your Samsung.

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Internal battery Samsung Galaxy A7

Increase the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy A7 with this internal battery replacement easy to fit. 

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Original Samsung Galaxy A7 front camera

You are no longer able to seflie with your Samsung Galaxy A7? The quality of your photos has decreased and you are no longer satisfied with the result? Replace the front camera of your Galaxy A7.

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