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Dingo is a little unrecognizable figurine POP Dingo Monster! Goofy has blue and red eyes, green and stained skin, and like other Monster figures, claws at your fingertips! If you're interested in having a quirky POP Dingo figure, this Donald Monsters Kingdom Hearts 3 will be perfect for your collection. OFFICIAL KINGDOM HEARTS LICENSE

Sora from Kingdom Hearts 3 is completely transformed with this Sora Monsters figurine. With a new red hair color, black claws but especially its gray complexion and cat's head! A Sora Kingdom Hearts 3 original figurine just for you! OFFICIAL KINGDOM HEARTS LICENSE

The Donald Kingdom Hearts POP figurine is waiting for you, but not just any! It is a Donald Monsters figurine, it is only one eye and is completely blue as a Smurf! A bit threatening with his claws, but it remains none the less Donald, the famous Disney duck. OFFICIAL KINGDOM HEARTS LICENSE

You want the Donald figurine, but not just any! That of Kingdom Hearts, with his scepter hat, and his determined air. The Donald Kingdom Hearts 3 figure will be perfect! OFFICIAL KINGDOM HEARTS LICENSE

What's better than the character Sora to remind you the game Kingdom Hearts 3, it's still the main character! With this POP Sora figurine from Kingdom Hearts 3, you will remember all the adventures of the game. Of course, the figurine is accompanied by the key of the game, the Keyblade! OFFICIAL KINGDOM HEARTS LICENSE

You liked the Sora and Heartless characters from the Kingdom Hearts 3 game, and now you want them figurines to decorate your home. We only have for you the Sora figurine and the Heartless figurine with a height of 9 centimeters. - Kingdom Hearts Vynl Sora Figurine - Kingdom Hearts Heartless Vynl Figurine 3 KINGDOM HEARTS OFFICIAL LICENSE